Genealogy and Local History | Inside the Wayne County Public Library

My name is Debra Kitko I am the
Genealogy Librarian here at the Wayne County Public Library today we’re going
to take a tour of the wonderful Genealogy and Local History department
here in downtown Wooster so join me in the small little journey to see to
explore what type of resources we have and the take of you at what our
department really looks like here on the right-hand side is what we call the
staff desk and this right here is where you’ll find myself once again my name is
Debra Elaine or Christina all three of us work on a regular basis in this
department so stop by the desk if this is your first time here we can give you
a brief tour of our facility how how it works if you have questions from the
very simple such as you know how do I get started so the very advanced in
terms of I just can’t find my great-great-grandfather we’re here to
help meet your needs and try to help solve your problems as you enter through
the doors of our department straight ahead you’ll find a beautiful 1856
Baker’s map an original this was actually originally given to our
department several years ago you may find a digital copy of this available
through the Library of Congress website on either side of the Baker’s map on the
taller bookshelves you’ll find our new books these are the ones that have
recently been purchased or donate to our department in the middle underneath the
Baker’s map would be our circulating books these include a lot of good
information in terms of how to research your family whether it’s with your
Italian roots or German roots your English roots we have some information
about DNA as well as some social media these are available for checkout at the
normal three-week time period and there’s no holes on these books you are
able to renew the books for additional three weeks okay you should come into
the department on the right-hand side on the farthest wall here you’ll find our
technology area this is where you’ll find our reader scanners as well as our
browsing microfilm readers with our reader scanners you can actually scan
images onto a flash drive from microfilm or from the Internet we do have full
internet access as well in this department and we have access to such
wonderful databases as Ancestry Library Edition
Heritage Quest online American and Ancestors we are actually affiliated with
it with Rutherford B. Haze that site has our online obituary index also with the Ohio
memory project through the high-waist Oracle connection you’ll find many of
our images photographs some documents some historical newspapers available
through the Ohio memory project and we are also have a subscription to the
Kidron Mennonite this was in a Baptist web database which includes a lot of
this with the Mennonite ancestors that settled down in the Sonnenberg Kidron
area go to our website for future tutorials about Wayne County Ohio online
resource center as well as other resources available here as with the
Wayne County Public Library the website is

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