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Gravestones are great, not only because
they provide you information about the perks and the death but also they
provide a lot of indirect evidence that may finally prove who the
parents of David J Searcy are. Howdy, I’m Caleb Lee with Family History
Fanatics this is a youtube channel where we teach you about DNA about
research and about writing and also most importantly having fun while
you’re doing Family History. And one of the great things about Family History
is finding those things where it’s like it’s not obvious, but once you figure it
out once you piece together what the records mean you just are just suddenly
just blown away by what you have learned about your ancestors. So this is one of
those times where I’ve used gravestones and a bit of indirect
evidence and reasoning to provide more evidence for the case of
David J Searcy. So you can see here we got David J Searcy we’re gonna go over
to his sources scroll all the way down the important thing we’re gonna go over
to this find the grave index. Now you know this seems fairly standard right
you got your birth in 1864 death in 1934 burial place and it’s connected to his
spouse who was also on the gravestone and then we have two of his children.
You know fairly standard record. On a completely unrelated now let’s also take
a look at a William B Searcy and his find-a-grave profile. So, we have you know,
an interesting memorial we have birth it’s a bit more expansive death
also more expansive in his he’s got a lot of stuff in here he’s got half
siblings and siblings and children parents and spouse all of those
good things alright, but here’s the interesting thing to note, look at this. Now look at this David J Searcy and
William B Searcy are buried in the same Cemetery. Now this doesn’t automatically
mean they’re related all right the it’s they’re next to
each other they’re not, we don’t know if they’re next to each other because we
don’t have a map, but it’s a little bit of information we’re about to make that
bit a bit bigger So let’s go to that timeline, I just love the timeline,
and in particular let’s take a look at the route that David took with his life.
And, in particular, let’s go down and look at his death. So he died in Cincinnati
Hamilton Ohio as you can see this is Cincinnati he moved up here left his
home the place of his Nativity moved up to Cincinnati And now here’s the
interesting thing his fellowship Baptist church cemeteries
in Bertie Anderson County that is somewhere here I’m not sure where Bertie
is but we do know it is in Anderson County so let’s go back to David and his
thing. So we know that he died here in Cincinnati but came and got buried down
in Anderson County. Now why would he do that?
Why would he have his body transported down into the place where he’s born? You
know maybe it’s sentimental maybe he said hey Viola when I die bury me
where I was born or around where I was born something like that. But another
reason could be his parents are there. And it’s not because his
children took him and buried him nearby they were actually buried in Cincinnati. So this right here this is you know kind of
confusing and as I mentioned before one of the explanations for this is that
he’s going and being buried where his parents were. But the real
thing that sealed the deal was this you see this right here let’s take this
comment all right, actually let us zoom in a little bit so you can see this, even
better. “I remember as a child when my dad Evert Searcy set that grave marker in
place the old stone for Gramps was broken
up and placed beneath the new one”. Here’s the important thing the huge important
thing “my great-grandparents were also buried in the same cemetery.” That seems
to confirm what our initial suspicions were does it not. Now of course this
isn’t proof this is somebody’s personal account,
maybe they miss remembered wrong, or they were told wrong.
For instance the same Everett Searcy that she’s referencing as being her father he
put down David’s parents as being Mary and William on David’s death certificate,
so there’s some confusion there’s some maybe it’s not exactly correct but this
is quite a big piece of evidence right here. So now I can finally you know
truthfully pitch this tool gravestone records are great especially when you
know where the cemetery is because then you can figure out who are they are
buried next to who they’re buried nearby and those people that are buried nearby
might just be their family.


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