“Genealogy on the Cutting Edge”

One thing that really does excite me is the emphasis on libraries, archives and resources like Canadiana.org. They’re often forgotten,
and in people’s research they’re often forgotten. But this Conference is having all the major libraries and archives in Canada and FamilySearch from the U.S., there to talk about what’s new… Not the records that everyone’s familiar
with but what is new. And I think that will lead people to go to Library and Archives Canada’s website again but then to look at some new things instead of the censuses and land lists they’ve looked at over and over again. At the core of it all we’re all on this really great adventure and this really amazing search to find out information. And, as one of the ladies that I met said to me: “It was just so exciting to be in a big room full of people whose eyes didn’t glaze over when they talked to you about their family tree and their ancestry.” I think about the people who are coming, the people that you get to talk to, who are genealogists… and as well as that the international speakers that they’ve arranged to have there for us … to listen to and to talk with. I am really excited about Expo Hall!
What a great opportunity that we get to go into one room with all these wonderful vendors. We’ve got special interest groups, we’ve got book vendors… we’ve got OGS Branches…
and those Branches are experts at their particular area in Ontario. So we’re really anxious to see those people. We’ve got DNA companies… we’ve got technology companies, digital media companies… We’ve got something for everyone. As a society we’re really pleased to be partnering with the Ontario Genealogical Society. It’s an opportunity that I’ve been wanting for years, I must admit. I think the OGS Conference provides a real opportunity for Jewish genealogists in the Toronto area and in the Greater Toronto Area. You know we’re limited in a sense… We have our society, which is great, and we have our own programs. But if you want to go to a conference of any sort… most Jewish genealogists go to the international conferences which take place in other countries. The last one I went to was in Salt Lake City… expensive. I’ve been to Boston. I didn’t go to Jerusalem. I didn’t go to Paris. Because how many people can afford to do that on a regular basis, right? But the OGS Conference is here… it’s ready for us… and so it’s a great opportunity. It provides the kind of environment that… members of the Jewish Genealogical Society would really benefit from. I’m hoping to learn about the Canadian records that are available… from different parts of the country… from east to west. So I’ve had some experience with Ontario records, but as most of my research has been in the British Isles, this is a great opportunity to learn about what’s available in Canada. There’s a huge range of speakers, all the way from the U.S…. Ireland, some emphasis on DNA which I’m interested in. I’ve tested on all three – the autosomal, the Y-DNA and mitochondrial, and I’ve gone through a number of courses already, but it’s quite a complex subject. So it’s trying to get all of these complex
concepts into my mind so that I can make good use of it in relating it to traditional family history and genealogical records… I’m a hospitable Luddite – in other words, I’m anything but “cutting-edge”. So the number one thing I’m looking forward to at the Conference is the fact that the hotel has a water slide, so I plan to bring my swimsuit. I met my future husband Chris Aylott at Conference 2010 and, incidentally, we spent our honeymoon at Conference 2011. I’m looking forward to meeting some cousins that I’ve met over the years. There’s, you know, a lady from Sudbury… and then there’s a lady from Quebec that’s coming. And we’ve calculated that one of them is
my sixth cousin so many times removed and so is the other one. So I’m looking forward to seeing them. [music]

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