Genealogy & Transgenerational Inheritance

Thirty years ago I started to study the transgenerational
subject I have also given some lectures about it But of course everything evolves and this
has too The most interesting part is that although
this seems to be something discovered by modern science If you look here you will read “to the third
and fourth generation”, and that´s a Bible´s cite The Bible says that the parent’s sins will
be paid by their heirs to the third and fourth generation Of course that the word sin, doesn´t imply
a transgression to a religious law, but it means that the parent´s mistakes will be
paid by their heirs, to the third and fourth generation And it´s really impressing to think that
we can suffer in our lives for gilts that aren´t in any way related to what we have
done Things that are related to our grandparents
and our grand grandparents Studies have been made going eight generations
back, and the cause of an actual problem was found there One of the greatest investigators of this
was Anne Shutzenberger And do you know how she became interested
in genealogy? One day her daughter told her: it´s very
strange, you are the eldest daughter of your family and your second brother died. Father is the eldest son of his family and
his second brother died I am the eldest daughter of this family and
my second brother died And Anne Stutzenberger stud astonished not
believing what she was listening at In fact, she has never thought about it before And then the daughter said:. After my uncle
died, when I saw that my aunt also died, I became very afraid about my brother And the brother died too So take a look at what we are talking about… But let’s see some more examples because this
is astonishing There are families where over three generations
one of the members became sick of leukemia in the month of May And families where the women always have bulimia
when they are thirteen And it happened during five generations There are families where there has been a
traffic accident of the eldest son the first day it went to school This happened during three consecutive generations And pay attention, we are not talking about
an inherited illness The father suffered a traffic accident the
first day that his son went to school His son suffers a traffic accident the first
day that his son goes to school And the grandson suffers a traffic accident
the first day that his son goes to school The following is a not so well know example:
Do you know how Brandon Lee died? They were recording a movie where Brandon
Lee was one of the stars And in some moment someone had to shot three
times to Brandon Lee With fake bullets, But the gun was loaded
with real bullets and was killed. Brandon Lee was the eldest son of Bruce Lee
Do you know how Bruce Lee died? He was making a movie where someone made a
mistake and loaded real bullets instead of fake bullets and killed him, they killed him
in the middle of the movie The idea of a transgenerational inheritance
or transgenerational analysis or genosociogram studies as it´s also known is that we inherit
our ancestors generation after generation, and sometimes we inherit terrible things until
someone discovers what´s happening and cuts the inheritance Because if someone cuts it, the ones that
comes after him get released And the member of the clan that discovers
this load over his shoulders cuts all that happened before and after him. He heals back and forth This is how we are inter connected within
the family Any member of the clan that discovers a harmful
inheritance and manages to cut it, he heals the whole family upward and downward Only discovering that we have one of such
inheritances is usually enough to finish one of this problems Making one of these studies is a long process
that takes many hours, usually three or more And there aren´t many professionals that
know how to do it, but fortunately I´m one of those that know how to do it But you must know that a study as this is
very moving and the one that asks for it should stay in peace in his home for the rest of
the day. And you shouldn´t eat too much when you are
going to have an interview with me, because you might feel sick But you will discover a really interesting
part of yourself I´m sure you have seen in the cinema when
a soldier that´s within his best friends tells his friend. Look I´m going to give
you a letter, and if I die in battle you must please give it to my wife, my girlfriend or
whatever And then he gets killed What happens with his friend? His friend feels urged to give that mail to
the widow in any way He will walk half earth if it´s necessary
to fulfill his died friend´s last wish In our families happens the same. Sometimes
we inherit something just because it´s a family tradition. And the easiest way to inherit something is
to get pregnant, because the children inherit what’s in the feelings and in the mind of
their mother when she´s pregnant If you would like to know what you can expect
for your life, you only have to ask your mother: Mother, how did you and father felt when you
discovered that I was coming to the world? And if you want to save time, y can tell you
that your mother will say She will say that everything was ok, that
they were very happy to discover that you were coming into the family But you shouldn´t believe that, you must
dig and dig, because when you ask most of the mothers: where you happy to discover that
you were pregnant? Did you wanted to get pregnant? Yes of course I was very happy. Please don´t believe in that so easily Many times isn´t like that because the son
comes unexpectedly, when the economy is not good, or they want a boy and have a girl,
or they want a girl and have another boy And the baby discovers it in the precise moment
of his conception And that´s reinforced during nine months
by his mother The baby receives an enormous amount of information
that will affect him during his whole life A question “In my personal case mi mother got pregnant
in the honey moon and my father was not too happy to discover it, because they were dreaming
about building their home, and they were living in my grandmother’s house, and it was felt
like an obstacle Many years after, when I was a teenager my
mother told me that she even took a pill to abort me, and that she tried two times to
abort me, and I´m still here, but that was very painful” I´m sure that that was painful for you I´m sure that you must have been seeking
for love and affection your whole life And you must have been looking for it in your
friends and all the people around you, because you have a fire mark: not wanted girl. And if your own parents didn’t want you, you
will spend your whole life looking for someone who wants you This will influence your whole life until
you pass your subconscious ideas to your conscious mind, and if you don´t, you will be suffering
that lack your whole life. “Well, I already have thirty eight years and
I still can´t get pregnant” And that means that either you couldn´t find
a good couple or you found couples unable to have children, because you become from
a marriage where children were not wanted, and you have suffered the pain of being a
not wanted children. And that´s what is stopping you from getting
pregnant… Or what stopped you in the past… It could easily happen that from today on
your life will change Mark Frechet was another great investigator
of this problem and he said that he was born after living eighteen months in jail And this is the story Mark´s mother made some not wright things
during the war. His grandparents realized that she was going
to be taken to jail, and they thought that she might escape from jail getting pregnant Or that if she finally was going to go to
jail, she will be treated better. And she was condemned and went to jail She carried the child in his womb during nine
months, and then for another nine more months until she got released. Mark Frechet was one of the greatest investigators
of the transgenerational inheritance, and he wrote that he didn´t come to this world
because his mother wanted him, because the only that she wanted was to live better in
jail She wasn´t at all interested in having a
child, and as a matter of fact the other women inmates took care of the child At the age of 60 Mark wrote that during his
whole life he has been surrounded by people that only gave him some affection, but couldn´t
find a woman that really loved him Eve was a girl that couldn´t get a driver´s
license, she couldn’t reach to be really independent She couldn´t achieve any of the things that
an adult normally achieves Investigating her case came to light that
Eve´s mother had decided to have a children not later than when she was 30 years old. And she became 30 years old but without a
boyfriend, so she got pregnant from the first one that she found And after nine months Eve came to the world,
but Eve wasn´t a girl desired by a couple because there wasn´t a couple, it was her
mother alone And the mother was only interested in having
a special toy when she was 30 and that´s what she got She had a girl that was born with the mark:
“you are mommy’s little baby” And as she had the mark: “you are mommy’s
little baby” she never became an adult, every time that she tried to become an adult she
failed, so she decided to get marry And Eve married a man twenty year older than
her that treated her as a baby When Eve had her transgenerational study was
25 years old and she couldn´t have sex relationships Why? Because Eve was like a mermaid that could
incite but couldn´t accomplish Eve became then 27 years old but she was still
a baby She was her mother’s baby, her mother´s toy,
but not her mother´s daughter And that marked her until she could discover
it There was a very clever and interesting child
in a family. That child Was able to do many things but he failed to
become a bachelor His father had also failed to become a bachelor The grandfather had also failed to become
a bachelor Fourteen cousins had failed to become a bachelor
and they all couldn’t become a bachelor because their grand grandfather pregnant the maid
when he was going to have the bachelor’s exam And as this was a very strict family, as it
used to be by that time, the grand grandfather said: I will face the consequences of what
I have done And I will marry this girl And he never gave his bachelor’s exam, and
then his son, and then his grandson and then his grand grandson and fourteen cousins failed
in their bachelor’s exam They all couldn’t pass that exam because their
grand grandfather had slept with the maid of the house and left her pregnant And so we are talking about what a transgenerational
inheritance is And we have the transgenerational and the
inter-generational The father is a great golfer and his soon
too The father is a doctor and his son studies
medicine The mother is a good cook and the daughter
loves to cook All these are inter-generational cases Those are things that are transmitted within
the family But the transgenerational is something very
different because it’s related with THE WHOLE family story at the same time, and it´s related
with the hidden story of the family And this affects the couple, the health, the
economy, the whole life of a person This means that there isn´t an only reason
why people would like to investigate their transgenerational inheritance. The most terrible part of the transgenerational
inheritances is that although every one of you have within you all the information that
you need, you can´t take it out without the help of an expert Do you know why? Because there are things that hurt so much
that our subconscious mind choices to forget them, to do not think about them. Then when you think about your past story
alone, you will forget those details, you won´t be able to discover them as if they
weren’t there and you will only be able to discover them if you receive the proper help That´s why I told you that a session will
take many hours, three or three and a half hours before I can tell you what´s happening
and how to solve it. And don´t be mistaken. One thing is to remember
that your grand grandfather lived the maid pregnant, and a very different thing is to
live again that information in the middle of a session A session moves you in a way that has nothing
to do with just remembering, because if you only remember, you won’t be able to break
the spell, the course or whatever name you want to give to it Let´s talk about a case, about the last case
with which I worked before this seminar Let´s suppose that the ladie´s name was
Claudia. Claudia tells me that she has a one year old
girl that´s driving her mad and her husband too Every night the girl awakes at one, she tarts
to cry, the parents go to calm her until she gets asleep, and she starts again with the
crying at three or at four, and the parents really don´t know what to do, and they are
very tired and want to be able to sleep Claudia also tells me that she´s very afraid
to die giving birth to his second daughter. She has already had one girl, but she´s very
afraid of dying having a second girl And she is also very afraid that one of those
two girls dies after a couple of years A couple of years ago Claudia came to me very
worried because she wasn´t able to get pregnant. And part of the problem was that she got married
with a man that didn´t wanted to have children. Claudia stood eight years with that man, then
she divorced, she got married with another man that wanted to have children, but she
couldn´t get pregnant and she could only succeed after years and years of treatment Then she decided to ask me about her problem
and she got pregnant of her first girl (the one that doesn´t sleep well) But let´s study Claudia’s genealogy tree
to see why she couldn´t get pregnant, and why she was so worried about the death of
the girls When Claudia was born, her mother almost died
giving birth, she had a very big hemorrhage when she was coming to the world, and the
doctor´s couldn´t find it´s origin, because there was a cut on a hidden part of the womb The doctors spend a long time trying to find
the origin of the blood loss, the mother was bleeding and bleeding and almost died when
they finally found the problem and fixed it. Then Claudia was very afraid to die giving
birth because her mother almost did it, and Claudia remembered very well that moment. And she was also worried about losing one
of her Childs. Why? Because one of Claudia´s brothers died seventeen
years before in a night club fire So she knew that her parents had a son that
died and many years after she discovered that she couldn´t get pregnant. Look how interesting this is Claudia comes from the marriage of “V” with
“R” “R” was a not wanted child that came after
two abortions Then came “R”, and after him another abortion,
and then came R´s sister that also was another not wanted child “R” and “ML” where born from “R” and “D” “D” was a not wanted girl
“D”´s sister was another not wanted girl “D” and her sister where daughters of “A”
and “D” “A” was a not wanted son and “D” was a not
wanted girl And do you remember “ML” (that is “R”´s sister)
Well she was a not wanted girl that had an eight years treatment before been able to
have a daughter So now you can understand that Claudia comes
from a very sick clan where we can find the explanation for each one of her problems. And I´m sure that you will agree with me
that having all those ancestors with all those stories of unwanted children the most logical
thing would be to have problems to get pregnant And then Claudia answered me: No, you are
wrong, I am not unauthorized to have children because I already have one And I told her, No, you don’t have a children,
a children was taken from within you by a Caesarea because you are not authorized by
your clan to have a baby A couple of months later her second daughter
came (by Caesarea of course) Because that´s the inheritance that she carries
inside As you can imagine, putting all these pieces
together takes time. Because the subject has to remember all this
and notice it´s significance And this example gives us an idea of why can
someone want to know about his transgenerational inheritance And here is another interesting point to notice.
Claudia´s grand grandmother had three sisters and a brother, and no one of them ever had
a child How can anyone know about all his ancestors? Well most of the times it´s not so difficult
to know what happened with our parents and our grand parents To know what happened with the grand grandparents
is more difficult But remember that the kind of information
that I need, is within you, whether you remember it or not Once I heard that children and dogs know everything,
and most of all they know about those things that the family don´t want to talk about The children are like little antennas picking
all the information that we suppose there aren´t aware of, but they are always trying
to discover what is the family talking about, even when they can´t understand most of it.
But they keep it in their memories, just in case it´s useful in the future. And children start to pay attention from within
the womb, and so it happens that there are many things that you suppose you don´t know
but you know And the transgenerational counselor can take
them out of you And you will be asked strange questions as:
How good was the sex between your grandparents, or between your grand grandparents? And you will stand with your mouth open thinking:
what is this guy asking me about? But you know it And it will come out, and what will come out
will fit perfectly with your family tree. And then you will start to think what that
information could mean, and yes, something inside your will say, I think that I am inventing
it, but I also feel inside of me that that is what it happened, and I feel it so strongly,
that that should have happened And you might have never know your grand grandfather,
and you must even not know which was his name, but you know how her sexual relationships
where “Do you do a regression?” No, I don´t do a regression, I don´t need
to do it because your subconscious mind stimulated by me will give me the information that you
have Because that information was within your mother´s
subconscious, because that information was within your grandmother’s subconscious because
they knew about it when they were within their mother´s womb All the family information is kept with the
subconscious, generations after generations, after generations. That´s why I tell you that this matter is
fascinating It´s a matter that one of these transgenerational
studies can change your life for ever A person that had personality problems can
stop having them and some one that couldn´t have children have them… And do you remember Claudia´s little daughter,
the one that awoke two times every night? When Claudia came to talk with me I told her,
be ready because from today on you won´t have that problem anymore, and the baby started
to sleep the whole night from that night on. That happened more than a year ago and Claudia
never had that problem again And you can think that this sounds crazy I talked with the mother, I never saw the
little girl I never gave any king of medicine to the girl;
I never gave her any kind of prescription I only talked with her mother and I told her:
Be ready from this night on, your girl won´t have any more that sleeping problem, and that´s
what happened. So the problems of the little girls that couldn´t
sleep, or the fear of dying, or the economical situation improvement, or the lack of love,
or why do I have…. I mean… any matter for which you ask a transgenerational
study is the personal matter that you are interested in, because everything has it´s
explanation And what you can´t explain through the Cosmic
Mirror that we talked about before, you can explain it through the transgenerational analysis Nothing happens just because, there isn´t
a single coincidence in your whole life Everything has an explanation. You might not
know it It might be difficult to find it, but there
is a way Sometimes people go to therapy during three,
four of five years and they can´t solve their problems, and then in only one three ours
session they change all their life And when the subject asks: I´m afraid of
dying giving birth because that happened to my mother? Are you sure that my problem comes from there?. And I answer, yes I´m absolutely sure because
you almost killed her And that was all she needed, she was never
afraid any more And I talked to her about that, because when
she came to see me she started telling me what she was doing to get pregnant And as soon as I told that to Claudia, she
got pregnant Two or three months later she called me to
give me the good news

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