Genes, DNA and Chromosomes

Genes DNA and chromosomes are what make you who you are there’s a set of instructions that are given to you by your father and mother these instructions are in yourself and all living organisms are composed of cells are many different types like nerve cells and their selves and skins they all have different shapes and forms but every cell same basic parts of the cell has an outer border called which contains the liquid material called cytoplasm in the cytoplasm and inside the nucleus from human each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes for total 4622 of these stairs called look the same in both males and the 23rd pair the sex chromosomes difference between males and females have two copies of the x-chromosome while males have 1x and one y chromosome the chromosomes are really long strings of DNA deoxyribonucleic acid DNA is shaped like a ladder that’s been twisted the shape is called a double helix the steps of the latter are made of four bases adenine thymine wine G & side of the structure of the DNA is called a gene your body reads the jeans and the letters like a recipe and build protein the order of the bases in the DNA along the length sequence of the gene determines the size and shape of the protein built the size and shape of the protein determine the function that will have in your body proteins makeup cells cells make up tissue and she makes organs like your eyes understand so the genes determine what you are a cow and apple portion and what you look like the color of your hair your skin your eyes and so on


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