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last November I almost had a heart
attack Genesis was here howdy I’m Andy lee with family history
fanatics and this is a segment of DNA be sure to subscribe to our channel and
click on the bell if you’d like to be notified about upcoming episodes I’ve
been using Ged match for almost six years now in fact almost the entire time
that Ged man has been up and running so I’ve known that Genesis was coming for a
while now in fact it’s been about two years since I initially saw the first
beta test of the Genesis system but in November they sent me a shock Genesis
was here it was ready it was actually rolled out to everybody and they were
not gonna be putting new stuff onto the old Ged match system only onto the
Genesis system now why should that give me a heart attack
well because I was teaching at roots Tech in February of this year and my
classes were all about Ged match and how to use some certain features of Ged
match and if Ged match was no longer available then I was going to be in
trouble because some of those features are not available in the new Genesis but
a lot of people have a question is what is the difference why do we need this
new Genesis what is this new Genesis and why is it better than the old Ged match
well let me go over that and talk to you about some different things about
Genesis that are good as well as some things that old users of Ged match may
find annoying right now first off you know that you’re in the old Ged match if
your opening screen looks like this and right at the top right now they have a
big piece of information from February beginning of February saying we’re no
longer supporting this website all new information is going on to Genesis but
this website is still going to be there also your old Ged match login is the
same as your Genesis login so there’s no need to create a new login so for those
of you who are familiar with Ged match as you scroll down you have information
about yourself whatever kits you have and then on the other side here is where
the tools are that you might have been using well the new
Genesis system it looks like this now mostly it’s the same the one thing I
like to tell people is if there’s that half-eaten Apple at the top then you’re
in Genesis if there’s no Apple then you’re in Ged match now they still keep
their announcements at the top right here there’s probably still some
migration going on some information or some issues and so there’s a place that
you can report some migration issues and what this means is if you had a kit on
the old Ged match and for some reason there’s something wrong with the kit now
on Genesis then go ahead and report a migration issue so let me take you over
the website and some different functions of it and show you what’s different
between Ged match and Genesis this box right here is the user profile box and
here what you’re going to see is we’re going to see whatever kits that you
manage and this is just actually the practice account that I use from
different things so there’s just the one kit here it doesn’t have all the
different kits that I manage but you’ll have your DNA resources and there’s now
a little legend of some different icons to tell you what status your kid is in
whether it’s already whether it’s still in processing state as well as an edit
now if I go and I edit that kit it’s going to pop up this and this is where I
can change the name I can change the alias I can change the haplogroups if I
know the half of groups anything like that so there’s lots of different things
that I can change there now if I want to remove that kit then I can just go to
the next tab which is the kit removal I put in my password and I can delete that
kit if I want to transfer this kit and this is a great feature that I like if I
want to transfer this kit to another Ged match user then all I need to do is put
in their email and put my password now why is this good well if I for some
reason lose interest in genetic genealogy and no longer want to do it
rather than sharing your username and password with everybody what you can do
is you can just send them that kit and so that gets gonna pop up on theirs so
again there’s some good things that you can do just
with kit management on the new Genesis system and some of that you were not
able to do and the old Ged mash system so I really like they’ve upgraded down
over on the right hand side here we have the different tools now if I go to the
welcome to Genesis beta there’s really two reasons why Genesis came about to
begin with Ged match started as a way to compare
DNA from different companies namely ancestry and 23andme and Family Tree DNA
now the time Family Tree DNA allowed transfers but 23andme and ancestry
didn’t and they still don’t and so the only way to compare DNA data with them
is to either transfer that data into Family Tree DNA or use a site called Ged
match that was created and this was created back in 2012 and that worked
great for several years up until 2017 and in 2017 23andme changed the chip
that they were using for their DNA analysis and that chip in essence it
wasn’t very compatible with a lot of the other chips with regards to the matching
algorithms and so while you were able to upload the new 23andme kits to Ged match they wouldn’t match with others in a one-to-many you could still do a
one-to-one if you knew that but you weren’t able to get a match list of
people just from that kit because there there wasn’t enough information
overlapping between the two kits to call matches correctly so this is really
where Genesis started because the goal of Genesis was to create a new algorithm
that was going to better match even with less information and it was going to
allow upload of not just the new 23andme chip but there were several other
companies that were coming online that all didn’t use the same chip and so the
point of Genesis is actually to be able to compare pretty much whatever DNA
information you want with other DNA information now the next thing on the
information page is the user lookup and this is the same as what it was and the
old Ged match it allows you to look up a user by their email address or by their
jet match kit number and for those of you who don’t like Genesis right now
there’s so it’d take me back to the Ged match
site one thing to be aware of though is that any new kits that are being
uploaded in there’s I think about a thousand to 2,000 a day that are being
uploaded to Genesis those kits are not being uploaded to jet match so really in
another two or three years there’s gonna be twice as many kits on Genesis as
there is on Ged match I’ve talked with guys that you have mentioned ask them
about what the plan is for the Ged match website they say the plan is definitely
to close it down although they’re not sure about timing yet now I was really
thankful on this because I was still able to use the Ged match website during
my roots tech classes but I’m gonna have to be retiring those classes now because
though those were really specific to some of the tools on Ged match that
aren’t available or really are obsolete now on the genesis side so the next
section here is to upload your DNA files and this should be the same as what it
was on Ged match you just need to have that rod DNA data downloaded from the
testing company and then you can upload it here to Ged match the next thing that
we get into is the DNA applications and these are really divided into two parts
there is the really three parts the DNA applications the tier one applications
and the gedcom applications now let me just scroll down real quick to the
gedcom applications and you can upload a Gedcom and be able to tag your DNA to
that Ged comm just like you could in Ged match and the tools here are really the
same there is the one gedcom being compared to all others there’s comparing
to Gedcom they’re searching Gedcom and then
there’s Gedcom and DNA matches and I go back over to the Ged match database
you can see that hey those are the exact same options that they had in the old
Ged match so there’s really no change there as far as Ged come and if you
haven’t uploaded a gedcom i’d highly recommend that you do that now what I do
is I I take a what about five to six generations of my family I upload that
and then for all the different kids I manage I connect their DNA on that
family tree so that way it can be matched with other people and they have
an initial tree to be able to look at to see whether or not they can figure
hey how we might be related so if you haven’t uploaded a gedcom I recommend
that you do that on jet match so the next I want to talk about is the DNA
applications now these are the free tools that’s available to anybody who
signs up for an account there are some differences that we’ll see between the
jet match and the genesis side now the first one is actually the first two
there is the one-to-many and you can see over on jet match there was also the
one-to-many now this is really a match list it is your DNA relatives it’s the
people that you share some amount of DNA with now jet match has two different
versions of it one of them is still in beta that you can try out and the other
one looks a lot more similar to what you might be familiar with with jet match
the next is the one-to-one autosomal comparison and the one-to-one x DNA
comparison and again these are very similar tools to the one-to-one compare
and the X one-to-one compare this is where you’re comparing two kits to each
other so you’re actually seeing where those segments are that match between
two people then we have the admixture and there is just admixture as well as
admixture Oracle with population search now on the old Ged match they were
basically called the same thing and what this is is this is sometimes called your
ethnicity this is where you can see what different portions of the world some of
your DNA may be from Genesis also has people who match both or one of two kits
and this is actually really useful if you have say a second or third cousin
and you’re trying to see what matches you share in common because that second
or third cousin you know where you are sharing your DNA from that second great
grandparent or third great grandparent so any of your matches should also be
through that same line now maybe farther distant from that but this is a very
useful tool for those who actually have known second and third cousins that have
also had their DNA tested this is again the same tool that we saw in the old Ged
match as the DNA file diagnostic is where you can
just check your file to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with it I’ve
honestly never had to do that for any of my files then we have the are your
parents related and this was one of the cool tools that Ged match had and
basically just from your DNA it’s looking at it and trying to figure out
whether or not your parents were you know closely related and there’s certain
aspects of your DNA that might show up if they are and finally there’s the 3d
chromosome browser which again is a tool that’s similar to the 3d chromosome
browser that was in the old shed match so you can see that almost all of the
free tools from the old shed matter in Genesis but there’s a few that aren’t
and I’ll go over those real quick and explain why so for instance first off
there is the phasing tool now the phasing is where you can take your DNA
plus your parents DNA and divide it up so that you have a kit that is from your
mom’s side and a kit that’s from your dad’s side you don’t need to have both
parents if you just have one then you can do it although if you have both
parents and it’s easier to do so that is actually been moved now to one of the
tier one and the tier one is you is paying $10 a month field to access these
tools so that phasing tool is now in Tier one another one is the multiple kit
analysis now this is one of the things that I was actually showing at roots
Tech which is why I was concerned because in Ged match that is again also
a part of the tier 1 tools so looking at phasing and looking at multiple kit
analysis why would they have moved from the free side to the paid side now in
the new Genesis and really it’s simply a matter of computing power now when Ged
match started this site was free and it’s still free as far as uploading your
data and accessing your account accessing your matches and using all
those free tools and really jet match I guess you could say was almost like a
little playground for different people to try out some different tools as far
as development and different things and so initially there was no Tier one
utilities and so a lot of the tool were just put there in the analyzer data
and this included the phasing and included the multiple kit analysis but
after they’ve had a few years of actually seeing how these tools work I
talked with them and they said this actually takes up a lot of their cloud
computing power is a couple of these tools so ones like phasing and ones like
multiple kit analysis it is very computer intensive and so it makes
perfect sense that in Genesis and going forward if you want to use those tools
then you’re gonna have to pay for the Tier one tools now I have a Tier one
membership you don’t see it here it’s on my other account because I use Ged match
a lot and so I’m always into this database and using some of these
different tools now going back down to the tier 1 tools they have what’s called
enhanced one-to-one and cue matching and these are just a sorry enhanced
one-to-many and Q matching enhanced these are just better one-to-one and
better one-to-many than what the three one-to-one and one-to-many are they have
segment search we can actually go through and search all of your matches
for common segments the phasing which I just mentioned triangulation which is a
great tool for actually identifying three kits yours and two others that
triangulate on different segments there’s the Lazarus tool which you can
actually take DNA from descendants and unrelated people of an ancestor and
recreate what their DNA possibly looked like the multiple kit analysis allows
you to actually look at different kits in lots of different ways it’s actually
one of my favorite tools on Ged match and then finally the my evil twin and
this is what it does is with you and your parents you take your DNA and it
takes a look at your parents and it finds out what DNA you didn’t inherit
from your parents so it creates a kit that is a mirror image of what you are
now I said if you want to have access to the tier one tools it costs ten dollars
a month you can pay either month by month or you can pay for a year
or you can just pay for one month and use the tools and then wait six months
and use them again depending on how you need it but I have used plenty of the
tier one tools in a lot of my different research so I would actually recommend
this if you are heavy into DNA using it as part of your genealogy now over the
next few months I’m actually been going and doing some more videos about Genesis
and particularly about each one of these tools and how you can use them in your
DNA research so be looking for those in the future now if you have any questions
about Genesis put it in the comments below and I’ll try to answer it and if
you like this video give it a thumbs up and share it with all your friends

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