– “When a family tree becomes art !”

[Music] how many trees are still generally presented just using basting crap that also little charms but at the other thought what one day represents the tragedy contain these are yours your identity and your history what could be more valuable than that it was time to start anew this is why we understand it to act for more than five years generals have been developing the next generations of family tree templates by creating a website dedicated to contemporary market to imagine new models of family tree displays this will be possible increasing list at first then you choose the artwork that fits you best for the gallery the awkward especially decided by the dominant artist and can be choosing value from our large cutter science that generally develops a sophisticated encoding tools allowing you to project your own family trees on any artworks by uploading a SATCOM file or including your own data so you can decide which output gives you the most pleasant result third one you have done this you can choose and buy either a limited edition of the rituals with your data included available in different formats and policies from $129 all decide for an original artwork created by artists extremely fully in your dual agent your funding tree becomes the heart of a work of art symbols that support enjoyed the generous experience value new new family after now a book of others since you and your family the perfect family gift thank you for your own research savings and support to make a fantastic project possible let me for generous experienced artist are welcome to submit ARV the generous community will be happy to follow the possibilities of a great collaboration [Music] you

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