Genome Testing Is Now Affordable: Ancestry Is Bringing It To The Masses

Ancestry is a technology company and we use technology and data science, a whole lot of data, and now we’re using genomics to tell people interesting stories about who they are, who their people are, and where they came from. Ancestry started over 30 years ago as a magazine, basically as a publishing company, helping people who are genealogists understand different details and pieces of data about their family history, and since then the company has evolved and now we are the biggest consumer genomics company in the world. One of the things that’s hard to understand, people might not know this, is that the field of genomics has blossomed in the last 10 or 15 years. It was hundreds of people’s efforts over years and years and years with millions of millions of dollars to get one drop of one human genome, and now Ancestry is in position for, only $99 dollars apiece, be able to sell access to human genomes for millions of people. At the end of this year we will have over three million people in the database, and just be able to do that at scale at speed and at that such a reasonable costs has been huge. As a scientist, It is that when we were in academia or other research projects, our work might result in the publication or something that impacts people on a kind of global scale, but one of the things that we really love is that we know that our work affects people on a really individual scale in a really emotional and meaningful way. Our neighbors, our parents, our siblings, our friends and just people we meet on the street are using our product and finding something really interesting out of the science that we do. It’s been really interesting to watch, and this been interesting and a privilege to take part of.

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