Ghost in your Genes – CAPTIONED

[Laughing] NARRATOR: Imagine sharing life with a person who seems to be you.>>Everyone say cheese.>>Cheese. NARRATOR: Created from the same fertilized egg, you
share exactly the same genes.>>Sit up and smile. NARRATOR: So profound is their influence, everything
about you appears the same. The spaces between your teeth, the way you laugh, your body language. You are, in a word,
identical. Or are you?>>As infants they were very much alike. Their physical similarities are obvious,
and all their physical milestones happened at the same time, but functioning today for
Jen and Bridgette, they’re completely different. Jenna is enthusiastic, productive, you know,
Jenna’s going to college. She talks about it all the time now. Bridgette is essentially
non-verbal. She doesn’t have purposeful conversational
speech, and there’s very unusual behavior. For example, she likes to spit on monitors,
and then rubs it in. I don’t know why,
but that’s what she does. How? How could these guys be identical and so,
on such a different level functioning wise? NARRATION: So if genes don’t tell the whole story
of who we are, then what does? Scientists suspect the answer lies in a vast
chemical network within our cells that controls our genes, turning them on and off.>>It’s a little bit like the dark matter
of the universe. I mean, we know it’s
there, we know it’s terribly important, but we don’t really know all that much about how
that symphony gets played out.>>We’re in the midst of probably the biggest
revolution in biology that is gonna forever transform the way we understand
genetics, environment, the way the two interact, what causes disease. It’s another level of biology which for the
first time really is up to the task of explaining the biological
complexity of life.>>Everyone say cheese. NARRATOR: Ghost in Your Genes up next on NOVA.>>Can you see it?>>Yeah!

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