Global Plant Genetics Introduction – Focus on Asparagus

Hi, I’m Jamie Petchell from Global Plant Genetics. We are a UK based Intellectual Property Business with a focus on berries, asparagus and grape rootstock. We operate on a global scale, working with customers all across the major growing regions. We represent breeders in the asparagus, berry and grape rootstock crops from all of the major continents that breed these varieties, and our customer base ranges from nurseries producing the plant material to growers who are making the produce and putting it on the shelves, to the marketing companies who then take the produce from the growers and sell it on to retailers. Hi I’m Rupert Hargreaves, Global Plant Genetics. Our company has one of the very best portfolios of Intellectual Property in the world in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, asparagus, and indeed grape rootstocks. Personally within the business, I’m responsible for strawberries, blueberries, and the grape rootstocks. I’ve been working in this industry for just over 20 years now and have a real passion for the development of new varieties, particularly in the crops that I focus on which are asparagus, blackberries and raspberries. Our asparagus offer differs slightly from the rest of the business in that it is focused in the supply of seeds. We work with breeders who are based in a number of climates around the world, and the products that come from their programs can suit growers in hot climates, temperate climates, and cool climates, meaning we have the whole asparagus map covered. In strawberries, we are very fortunate to be working with the University of California, Davis, where we represent them as a master license holder for Europe, the Mediterranean basin and South America. We also represent the University of California for the grape rootstock breeding program in Europe. In blueberries we have 4 breeding programs covering everything from evergreen low chill, right the way through to high chill northern highbush types. The focus that we have with our breeders is based around improved flavour, productivity and shipability. We work very closely with many of the worlds leading produce businesses and marketing companies, as well as grower bases the world over. We are very fortunate that the breeders that we have are at the forefront of their businesses, as we are ours. We truly are one of the world leading Intellectual property companies. As a business, we are very active on the key social media channels; LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Stay tuned to those for the latest news.

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