Golden State Killer Search Puts Focus on Genealogy Websites

THE ARREST IS RAISING NEW QUESTIONS ABOUT THE POWER OF THOSE GENEAOLOGY WEBSITES. KPIX 5’S MARIA MEDINA REPORTS: WHEN YOU UPLOAD YOUR D-N-A PROFILE.. YOU MAY BE SHARING A LOT MORE THAN YOU THINK. ((MONTE MILLER/FORENSIC DNA EXPERT: “1233 when you’re putting it in the public domain you’re asking the public to search it 34”)) FORENSIC D-N-A EXPERT MONTE MILLER… APPLAUDS THE POLICE WORK… DONE TO TRACK DOWN — THE GOLDEN STATE KILLER… AFTER DECADES OF LEADS… LED TO DEAD ENDS: ((MONTE: “1326 the thing is they couldn’t find the individual so what do you do maybe we can find a relative 33”)) BUT THERE ARE OTHERS — QUESTIONING THE TECHNIQUE: WONDERING — IF THEY’LL NOW BECOME INVOLUNTARY INFORMANTS — TO INVESTIGATORS… TRYING TO TRACK DOWN THEIR CRIMINAL FAMILY MEMBERS: ((MONTE: “1234 ******* now you may want the public to search it for your own reasons but the fact that you gave the public the right to search it kind of makes it that they can search it in any way that they want 44 MILLER SAYS — for people WHO UPLOAD THEIR D-N-A ON PUBLIC GENEALOGICAL WEBSITES LIKE GED-MATCH.. which led to the break in the golden state killer case.. It’S MUCH LIKE — UPLOADING YOUR INFORMATION ON FACEBOOK: ((MILLER: “147 47 they’ve put it in there to be searched they put it in there to be searched by individuals 50 by companies by anybody who wishes to search it 53”)) MILLER… WHOSE WORKED IN CRIME LABS… ON CASES LIKE MURDERS AND RAPES BEFORE, BELIEVES — NOT ONLY WAS IT ETHICAL FOR POLICE TO SEARCH THE GENEALOGICAL DATABASE… THEY SHOULD DO IT MORE OFTEN, FOR OTHER UNSOLVED CASES. FOR THOSE WHO DON’T WANT THEIR D-N-A SEARCHED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT — YOU CAN CHOOSE TO KEEP IT PRIVATE: ((MILLER: “1255 so either everyone can find you or nobody can find you there is no middle ground 59″)) IN SJ, MM, KPIX5”)) AND TONIGHT: INVESTIGATORS WANT TO KNOW IF THE SUSPECTED GOLDEN STATE


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