Good Bones Family Tree – HGTV

All right, so people
always ask us about our complicated family tree. We don’t know
what’s under here. We have no idea, but we’re
supposed to draw a family tree based on what’s under here. Yeah, so, let’s– [laughter] That is not what Dad looks like. Look at you. You’re all, moo. I’ve got the yoga
pants and the hat. All right, do
these people stick? I feel like you start
at the beginning. And that’s you and Dad, right? Yeah. Mom married Casey. We had three kids. William is my son. CR. And me now, there’s us. OK, real life hits
you over the head, and this gets knocked out. I think that you put
a D there for divorce. I don’t think you put an X. I feel like the X works, boom. All right. Whatever, and then Mom
married Randy, had Kelsey. And then Dad married Cheryl. And Dad and Cheryl
had Tad and Jess. Then they got divorced. And then Cheryl married Lenny. Wait. Cheryl was married
to Lenny before Dad. Right. Cheryl’s married to Lenny. And then she married Dad. Put a one and a two,
and then put a three. And then, three,
Cheryl and Lenny, Lenny is now Tad’s step-dad, kind of. I’m going to
put Tad like this. Tad is always laying
down on the job. So Lenny is Tad’s step-dad. Mom married Mick, and
then Mom married Roger. Then Lenny married Ginger. William married
Lisa, has a baby. I married Steve. We have dogs. And Tad’s still laying
down on the job. Got it. That’s it. Nailed it. So mic drop.


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