Google Toolbar 5: Director’s Cut

AVNI SHAH: Hi, I’m Avni. ASEEM SOOD: And I’m Aseem, your
product managers for the Google toolbar. AVNI SHAH: We’ve been working on
the latest version, and now it’s ready for you to try out. ASEEM SOOD: We’ve received
feedback from our users and have quite a few cool features
to show you. AVNI SHAH: Sure, we still have
search, news, pop up blocker, page rank– ASEEM SOOD: Bookmarks, spell
check, translate– FEMALE SPEAKER: Dry cleaning,
lawnmower, puppies, bananas, sweat sock, yardstick. AVNI SHAH: But we want
to talk about three. Now you can add your favorite
gadgets right to the toolbar, like the YouTube gadget that
lets you see featured videos, or a weather gadget to quickly
check the local temperature. Just click on the custom
button icon to visit the gallery. ASEEM SOOD: When you’re online,
filling out your address and phone number over
and over again can be really annoying, but with auto fill you
can fill out a form in a single click and even keep
multiple profiles. Plus, you can now save your
tool bar settings online. You can sign in from any
computer and take your bookmarks, custom buttons, and
other information with you. AVNI SHAH: And don’t forget
about notebook, which is to collect text and images
as you browse the web. So where can you find
Google toolbar? At the top of your browser,
or download it at


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