Grandmother Says Child Doesn’t Look Like Her (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

This is the case of
Crow v. Rinehart.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Crow, you have summoned
the defendant to court to prove that her
deceased son, JC Turner, fathered your two-year-old
son, Thomas. You want Thomas to know
who his father is, and you say that Ms. Rinehart
has done everything she can to sabotage your efforts.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Rinehart, you state
that Ms. Crow is a liar
and a manipulator, and that the child
in question is not
your deceased son’s baby. You say Ms. Crow used
your son for money
when he was alive, and now is trying to claim
him as her son’s father only to get death benefits.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Crow, are you doing this
just for the money? It is more than
just the money. I would like help with
my son, yes, of course. But my son cannot grow up
and meet his father, so he deserves that right
to know who his father is and to know who his family is. JUDGE LAKE:And up to this
point, he doesn’t have any
real knowledge of his father,
you have not talked to him
about his father, or have you?
CROW:I have, um…JUDGE LAKE:You have.Actually, when my son
was first born
and he was, you know,
just a few months old,
I would talk on the phone
every day with Jay
and I would put him
on speakerphone so his son
could hear his voice. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And so, Ms. Rinehart, you don’t believe your son is Ms. Crow’s child’s
biological father. RINEHART: No… Explain. For several reasons. In the time period,
the time frame she
said she was… When she told me
she was pregnant,
it didn’t happen that way. There’s no way she could’ve
been just two weeks pregnant and had a stomach
firm as she did. You say she couldn’t
have a stomach as firm? I mean, after two weeks, you don’t have a stomach
as firm as that. And so she had
just met your son, you were meeting her
for the first time? I was…
I had met her three times. That was about the third time
I had seen her. JUDGE LAKE:
All right, continue. RINEHART: Um… Um, looking at that picture…
(SNIFFLES) I understand. My son and I had
a very tight relationship… JUDGE LAKE: Yes. And Jay would
tell me everything… JUDGE LAKE:Mmm-hmm.…when nobody else
was around.
I knew my son
inside and out.
And I just don’t… As a mother,
as a grandmother, having four babies
of my own, my gut tells me
this is not my grandson.I do not see my son in that…I don’t. I’m sorry, I don’t.JUDGE LAKE:So, Ms. Crow,can you talk to me
about the relationship? Um, when I first met Jay,
we were at a skate park. I noticed him
in the parking lot, and I called him over to me, and we had a conversation.From that conversation,
we ended up walking
to the store.
We had, you know…
Became inseparable.
We, you know, developed,
you know, feelings. And it did happen all too fast. He did ask me
to be his girlfriend, and we did have unprotected
sex as well, so… There’s no doubt in my mind
that Jay’s the father. I did not sleep
with anybody else
in that time,when I was with him.To me, there’s no other option.And once, I, you know, told him about it,
he was happy. He was happy to have a child. He never denied my son. And if he was here today,
we wouldn’t have to be here because he would
willingly do so. He never said anything
rude or disrespectful to me. He was nice to me. He was very accepting.
He knew this was his child. Um, we were
together every day. RINEHART: He’d have
believed you if you’d
told him the sky was purple. Well, that’s your
own opinion. He only… That’s your own opinion. He only had the mental
capacity of a 16-year-old. And this how…
Okay, and you know what? He had feelings. He was schizophrenic. He had feelings. He was schizophrenic,
and he had stress seizures. CROW: And I took care of him. RINEHART: And my son was very
close to his mom. I didn’t leave him for that. And she could’ve told him
that that was… She was pregnant, that’s his… That’s his baby. So you’re saying he
did not have the discernment to even say, “I don’t believe
that’s my baby”? RINEHART: No. I have had eight…
Eight grandkids. And all eight of my grandkids favor me. I’ve got a baby picture. And if I take
that baby picture, I could put it up
against my daughter, I could even put it up against
my 18-year-old granddaughter. I could put it up against
Jay’s brother. I could put it up
against Jay’s baby picture… Okay? And we all look
like quadruplets. CROW:I have strong genes.So, Ms. Crow, you say your genes
are strong as well.Do you see a resemblance
to his dad?
CROW:Okay, my son,he has a silly sense
of humor like Jay, he likes to dance like Jay, and, you know,
just right there,
you can see it.Like his hair, that is Jay.And, um, you know,there are things about him
that are a lot like me,
but at the same time,
you cannot deny that. That is… That’s his father. RINEHART: I asked her if
she took a pregnancy test,
Your Honor. She told me, “No.” I said, “You didn’t
take… How do you
know you’re pregnant?” “I know my body. “I know what it feels like.” First of all, your
hormone levels have to build up to even
pass a pregnancy test. Whoo, did you just
learn this? No, I been knew this… The truth will set
you free, you know. Maybe you’ll learn if
you actually tell the truth. Uh, right, okay. And so you felt like she
was being so descriptive that she was really
already pregnant? RINEHART: Yes, ma’am.
Yes, Your Honor. Like I said,
I’ve had four kids. I have a bowed left leg. My daughter has
a bowed left leg. JC was pigeon-toed from birth, so JC had lived being
severely pigeon-toed, all his life. And you believe
this baby does not
have that characteristic, which furthers your doubt. To my understanding. Take me to the point
in which the baby was born. Was JC participating
in the birth? Okay, so, um, me and JC, at the time, we were living together. It was March 2015. I have decided to
no longer go any further
in the relationship because I have two other kids,
I’m pregnant, and he’s a grown man. He’s doing what
he wants to do,
and I can’t stop him. He comes home one night,
and he’s drunk. He left the door
wide open. We don’t live in
the best neighborhood, so… I… That was the last straw. I didn’t want nothing bad
to happen to me or my children, or him, in my care. I was gonna send him to you, but I couldn’t get
in contact to you, so I sent him where
he felt comfortable, where he came from,
Topeka, Kansas. You neither wanted
or even tried to contact me. And so when Thomas was born, did JC accept the baby
as his own? He told everybody
that we would come across, Friends, even people we
didn’t know, he had
conversations with.“She’s pregnant with my baby.”He’s really happy,
he’s excited.
Um, he never denied
my child, and he… I knew for a fact that,
you know, he’s the fatherbecause I haven’t been
with anybody else.
I was only with him at that…
In that time frame. He did come when my son
was three months old. He came to see him. He had me take pictures
on his phone, with him
and his son, and after that, you know,
we went our separate ways, and, you know,
other things happened, but I was trying to
take care of my family, you know, and that’s
what I was doing. All I know is I saw
a picture on Facebook
of another man that she… CROW: My boyfriend. That’s not his father. He was Jamaican.
Does he look half-Jamaican? And, you know, I lost my father the same year my son
lost his father. So there’s no reason
why I would be up here
for no reason. I’m doing this for my son. My son has the right to know, and Jay has, you know,
health issues, and we need to know
about your health history
for your family. Because what if it can help
my son when he gets older?
You don’t know that. How soon after Thomas was born
did JC pass away? The same week he turned one. It was almost a year. Her son was born June… JUDGE LAKE: So he saw him
at three months old, but never saw him again
for nine months? He never saw the baby? I’m telling you,
I was living in Vegas. When me and him
were together, we lived in Henderson together. He was in Henderson,
I was in Vegas. I didn’t have a phone number, he didn’t have no way
to contact me. I didn’t even know
he was still hereuntil I’m scrolling down
my news feed on Facebook
and I see a mutual
friend of ours post,
“Rest in peace, Jay,”
with his picture. And I contacted
this person like, “What’s going on?” And they tell me, so… I wanna make sure it’s true. I called the coroner’s office. “Is it true you
have JC Turner there?” “Yes, it is true. Do you know
where any of his family’s at? “‘Cause he don’t have
family out here like that.” I was the one who told her
he passed away. I talked to
the coroner’s office. She called… They said they haven’t
even talked to her. …behind my back, to get a sample of
his DNA, Your Honor. Oh, no, ma’am. She didn’t even have
the decency to bring
it to me. I called her
and asked her, she denied it. No. That’s why we’re here today. No. No, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Crow,
you say, now, all of
these attempts to be in contact and get the DNA
and the benefits, are all in hopes that your son
will know his father, but what were you doing
actively for those nine months to make sure your child
knew his father? Well, like I said… Nothing. Stated earlier… Nothing. I lost my father
on the third month of that year and the father of my son the seventh month of that year. I was going through
stuff my own self. I have a seven-year-old
daughter, I have a
four-year-old daughter. Gotta make sure
my daughter goes to school, gotta make sure
there’s food on the table. I have to make sure of
all of these things, and I didn’t even have
a job at the time, but my kids
were taken care of. I took care of my kids. I guess the question
then becomes… Why is your pursuit different in death
than it was in life? Meaning, after the death, you had the means, the time,
the wherewithal, the initiative… RINEHART:
She’s always had that. …to find the benefits, find the DNA. You want your child
to know his father. I understand your sentiment, I’m just thinking
about the intention. And you say you knew him
and you took care of him,
and you… All of these things
you were to him… How do you lose track
of your child’s
biological father? How do you not attend
somebody’s memorial when they’re giving
a memorial of their death because your daughter
has school the next day? You can’t get a babysitter? Um, no. That was
what you guys did. You can’t… I went to the skate park
where I met him. No, I got proof. I got proof. I’ve got… You can have all
the proof you want to make yourself
feel better. You were not there. Because I know
what I did. You were not there. Okay, good for you. I was there for two hours
with his best friend. I didn’t wanna go
and be around you.
You see how you act? JUDGE LAKE:
So you’re saying, Ms. Crow, you purposely did not go
to the memorial service because you didn’t wanna
have an encounter, a negative encounter
or altercation? Right, because I’m
already upset, everybody’s upset,
and doesn’t… Nobody needs that extra drama. Nobody. Oh, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Rinehart,
I wanna ask you. Have you ever seen Thomas? RINEHART: No. I didn’t even know
when the baby was born, because I wasn’t contacted. CROW: Jay knew. Jay knew? He… CROW: Yeah, JC knew. He’s supposedly
“the alleged father.” Not. It don’t have
to be alleged, because we’re
gonna find out today. JUDGE LAKE: So, listen. You’ll see for yourself. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, we are. Yes, and then I…
Then I can let my scab… I can let my scab
build back up. ‘Cause it’s all
about you, right? I’m the one that took… It’s about my son. It don’t matter about you
or me, it’s about my son. I took care of JC. My son deserves better,
that’s what he’s gonna get. I’m the one that
took care of JC. I’m the one that drove
all the way from
Wichita Falls, Texas, paid for his cremation, paid for the car to rent… But what about when you
left him here with no money? …to lay him to rest by myself. And I paid for him so he wasn’t homeless. JUDGE LAKE: So, listen. By myself. What about that? I wanna ask you to be fair, because I asked Ms. Crow
this same question. How did you lose track of him? CROW: That’s your son. He was mad with me
because he believed that I was stealing his money. I was the one making sure
his bills were paid. I was the one making
sure he had a… But when she left
and he was evicted… He had a… And I was there,
and he had no money. He didn’t have nowhere to go. He had money… I paid for him
a place to stay. He had a… I had somewhere to stay. I didn’t have to spend
that money, but I made
sure he was okay while he was with me. So, we’re here now, and this is… This is serious because JC is gone now, he’s no longer with us,
but this baby, who’s potentially
his biological child,
is here, two years old. Only seen his father one time, and the mother
and the grandmother
are at odds. I think I’m ready
to get the results.
How about you? CROW: Yes. It’s time. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. Because there wasn’t
a blood card available to test the DNA
of the deceased JC Turner, we performed a DNA test
with the surviving parent, Maretta Rinehart. With that being said,
the results determine if there is
a viable relationship between the child Thomas Crow,
and Maretta Rinehart. In the case of
Crow v. Rinehart,
when it comes to
two-year-old Thomas Crow, it has been determined
by this court, the percentage of relatedness between Ms. Rinehart
and Thomas Crow is… 99.6 percent. You are related. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) My God, Jay. (SNIFFLES) JUDGE LAKE:
That is your grandchild. Ms. Rinehart, you have never
laid eyes on your grandchild. Ms. Crow, I have to ask you. Would it be okay if you
join me in my chambers with Thomas, so that Ms. Rinehart
could meet him, hold him
for the first time? Yes, I would. Would you like to see
your grandson? I’d love to. JUDGE LAKE: All right. That’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll meet you there. Court is adjourned. All right, ladies. It has been a long,
long journey, but we’ve made it
to this place, right? And it’s up to us to figure out
where we go from here. Jerome, are you there? JEROME: I told you. (WHISPERING) There’s Mommy. Hi. Can you say,
“Hi, Grandma”? Say hi. Hi, can you give high-fives? See Grandma? You wanna see her? Say hi. Go give love. JUDGE LAKE: (GASPS) Yeah! Hi. Kisses. (SOBBING) Take care of him.
He’s just precious.
All right? I wish you all
the very best. Oh, yeah! (LAUGHING) Here. He’s trying
to play soccer. Look, I’m good at this. But this is an important
moment, right? Yes. That, let’s hold
on to forever, right? I love this.
This is fantastic. (LAUGHING) This is the first time
this has ever happened,
and I’m loving it.


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