Helen and Louis N: A Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) Patient Success Story

I met Helen uh, in he psychology department
at the University of Michigan and we had a common friend who was both a friend and a
professor of ours who uh, introduced us. And as they say the rest was history. I was 35 at that point and so I knew I want
to have kids and I knew that this was, the timing was, becoming important. There was a time when we did start to talk
about uh, wanting to have children together. And uh, well it turns out we, we both agree
that we both wanted to have kids. I discovered I was pregnant about four months
before our planned wedding. And we moved everything and then, right before the
wedding I went for the ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. And so at that point … When you start thinking of yourself as a parent
and you started, your mind starts simulating, going forward. Um, and then of course when it doesn’t, doesn’t
work out then it’s something that you want even more. We tried for I think seven or eight months,
without any success. And so then we went to a fertility doctor and at that point
we did a battery of tests and we started with the IUI. So we went through um, three IUIs and they
didn’t work. IVF was the, the next natural step. We had so much invested in it at this point. And in the process that uh, it seemed like a good
thing that we’re doing. And so we did six years of IVF treatments
and we loved the doctor, she was really candid and she said, “At this point
we should do some genetic screening of the embryos.” And so that was then suddenly the light went
off, because up until this point it’s been just undiagnosed infertility. Which is a really annoying label. And we found a center that sort of specialized in my age group. On the first round we actually got one healthy, normal
embryo, which was incredible. We had one good one. And for us that was pretty remarkable. We did the implantation in July and we, the
day that we were supposed to leave for a vacation, we were doing the blood test. And it came back positive. But I still couldn’t believe it I mean, so at that point we called
the doctor just to make sure that we were actually, that really this was a positive
test. And he said, “Absolutely, congratulations you’re pregnant.” After a long six years you think, “This is
never gonna happen. This is not for me.” And you know, at what point should we call it,
at what point should we just concede that this is just not in the cards for us. And so when it, I’m suddenly pregnant that,
I can’t believe this. Once we done the screening for me it was different,
because before that, there was just uncertainty and knowing what I know now, we would’ve done
the screening much, much earlier because to me it was really confidence building. The first time I held our baby was really
a surreal experience. Uh, they had put her head next to me after the delivery. And she had everything there. I mean she was a perfectly formed healthy baby girl that had a personality. I mean, came in with a personality and it was really an incredible experience. I remember I was lying on the hospital bed
and she had her little hand around my finger. And uh, it was just such a special, special
moment. PGS screening for us for us was transformative. It gave us hope and it gave us a child. Anyone struggling with fertility issues, I
think it’s important that they know that there’s this tool out there that can actually elucidate
many of the conditions that are just termed as unknown infertility. And I really think that uh, without this testing,
we wouldn’t be here today with our fabulous daughter.

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