Highlights from the 2019 National Adoption Month event

[music]>>I would
like to welcome all of you on behalf of the Children’s
Bureau to the 2019 National Adoption Month event. [Applause]>>During National Adoption
Month we bring special attention to the needs of
adoptive children and the families who
welcome them in. Adoption gives children not
just stability and love in the short term, but also a
safe and stable platform for kids to grow into
stable, responsible, and self-sufficient adults.>>I finally felt I was able
to blossom into a confident teenager.>>We’re here today to
celebrate and honor all Americans who work to
provide permanency for kids in our foster care system. Increasing permanence for
children across our country is a priority at the
highest levels of the Trump Administration, and it’s
an honor to serve under a President and a Vice President
who take that commitment so seriously. [Applause]>>It is wonderful
to be here at HHS, and to be a part of the most
pro adoption administration in American history. [Applause] I’m proud
to report this year, for the first time
in nearly ten years, we’ve actually seen the
number of children placed in foster care decline
across America. [Applause] We’re keeping
families together. Because of the generosity
and large heartedness of families just like those
we’re celebrating today, more than 63,000 children
found their forever homes, with the help and support
of loving families across this country. Really is incredible. [Applause]>>Together, we’re giving
kids more than just a permanent home. We’ll give them
permanent hope. So thank you, everyone,
for working to provide that hope, and thank you again
for joining us here today. [Applause, music]

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