Home DNA tests not good for learning about health risk factors, experts say

one of the top holiday gifts this season are at home DNA test kits but those hoping to use the results to uncover health risks need to heat caution local time medical specialist Krista Krueger is here now with today’s health cast yea these at home kits are all absolutely great ways to incur your ethnic background but areas of the world your ancestors may have come from but some are taking those results from the at-home test kits and then submitting them to other third-party testing facilities hoping to learn a little bit more about your genetic risk factors Cleveland Clinic genetic counselor Sarah Carroll says that is absolutely a bad idea when you hear these reports of individuals who were told they had a high risk for cancer when in actuality they did not typically what has happened is those are individuals that have taken their raw DNA to a third-party company to be further investigated in a way that this sample wasn’t really initially intended to in the first place Carroll says if you’re truly interested in learning more about your genetic risk factors you can undergo supervised screenings and a qualified health facility and the latest research into prostate cancer is leading to a warning now for men who have inflammatory bowel disease a study at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago found that men with IBD have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer a much higher risk researchers believe that excessive inflammation caused by the bowel disease may lower the body’s own ability to attack the cancer cells the study authors say their findings should lead to closer surveillance of men with IBD to look for early warning signs of prostate cancer that’s your healthcast for now i’m kristy krueger

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