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(bubbly music)
(moderate rock music) – Hi, everybody,
I’m Ereka Vetrini, and if there are two things
that I am passionate about, it’s my family and my health. I love my Italian
heritage and I embrace it by cooking homemade
meals for my family, and I do as much as I can
to maintain my strength and energy. But I was curious, was
there something more I could do to understand who
I am and how my body works? Am I more than just Italian? I heard about these DNA
kits, ones that can tell us about heritage and our health,
so my husband and I took a 23andMe health
and ancestry test. I mean, I’m pretty sure
I know where I’m from. Italian. But I have no idea what
my husband’s ancestry is. I don’t think he knows, either. The other portion
is that at 23andMe, they have a ton of health
and wellness reports which I think is super important
when you’re building a family, so,
we’re making this family together,
I think we could use all of this information
just to make smart decisions. So take a look, though,
and see what happened when Randy and I decided
to take the test. (moderate rock music)
I’m here with Randy, my husband, and we’re so excited because,
we get to submit our 23andMe kit,
which is pretty exciting. Didn’t you say you’ve
always wanted to do this? – I did. Yeah, mostly because, you know,
you like to make fun of me that, saying that I don’t
know where I come from, but I think you’re gonna
be a little surprised about how wide your lineage is. – Okay, okay, so this
is where it goes. I’m Italian, my parents,
they were born in Italy. I’m pretty sure I’m 100
percent Italiana, okay? (laughing)
This one, on the other hand. You have no idea. – Yours will be Mediterranean
and Northern Africa. You’re gonna be, maybe
more widespread than I am. When we got the 23andMe
Health and Ancestry, it couldn’t have been easier. When you open it up, it
really lays out very simply with just a few steps
what you need to do to get them the sample
and get started. – We have to register our kit.
(upbeat rock music) No food or drink for 30 minutes. – Deal, done. – I don’t trust him. He’s a snacker. – You might not want to
plan that around a meal, a major meal. – I was right. That was hard for us, wasn’t it. A little bit. Step two was filling
up the little vial with saliva. (laughing nervously)
– Favorite part, into it. – Just did it. A little bit, by the way. – You spit saliva into that? – And tell everything it
needs to from your saliva. – Sealed it up, we’re
gonna mail them in, and they give us a
wonderful little package that goes into the mail, so
I’m gonna send this off today, and soon enough,
we will find out all his awesome
information, is that good? – Fantastic, very. – I was genuinely
curious to know because your
grandfather was adopted, and we really legitimately
don’t know what that line was. – But then also, what’s
more important now is kind of the
health information and the health
reports that you get, so I was really
intrigued to get those. Any details like that
about your lineage, I don’t have anything. – The cool thing about 23andMe,
is that we learn much more than just our ancestry, right? We’ve got genetic
health risk report, wellness, information
about everything from our coffee consumption
to deep sleep, carrier status, so it shows us if
we are carriers for certain inherited
conditions like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. Traits shows us how our DNA
influences our facial features. That’s pretty cool! Eye color, well, he
does have the blue. He has the blue,
I have the brown, and she’s got
something in between. – Hazel. – So fun! I’m so excited. There was a lot to
learn about 23andMe, so Access Health traveled
to Silicon Valley to speak to Emily
Drabant Conley, VP of business development,
to get some answers. Take a look. – 23andMe is a DNA
test that can tell you what your DNA has to
say about your health and your ancestry, and
the process of doing it is very simple, you order a kit,
and spit into a tube, and you send that off to our lab,
and we look at hundreds of thousands of points
in your DNA, and we tell you what that information has to say
about your health and your ancestry. Genetic information is
a really powerful tool to learn about yourself,
and if you do the 23andMe Health and Ancestry service,
not only do you get information about your genetics
of your ancestry, but you can also learn about your health. With the 23andMe
ancestry reports, you can learn all kinds
of interesting information about where you’re from. We look at over 150
different geographic regions and we can link that to your DNA
so that you can better understand your ancestry. The genetic health risk
reports give you information about diseases that you
could be at risk for, so we actually received
authorization from the FDA to provide this information
directly to consumers, in a way that is easy to
understand and actionable. We had an entire family
that did the test. One of the family
members found out that he carried two copies
of a genetic variant for something called
hereditary hemochromatosis. He had a lot of
symptoms in his life, but he’d never been
diagnosed before, and so, he got the
23andMe result, and then shared it
with his doctor. They did confirmatory
testing and it turns out that in fact, he did
have hemochromatosis and now he’s being treated,
and the whole family has really become aware
of this particular condition and how it could be passed down
through the generations. There’s a variety
of wellness reports that are provided
through the 23andMe Health and Ancestry service,
and these are reports that are really
about how genetics can interact with the environment
to affect your health. So, for instance, how
do genetics impact the way that you sleep? So there’s a lot
that we can tell you that’s relevant to your wellness
that’s really connected to your DNA. The Carrier Status
reports are about diseases that could be passed
on to a child, so these are
hereditary conditions, things like cystic
fibrosis or Tay-Sachs or sickle cell anemia,
and really the only way to know if you’re a carrier
and could pass this on, is through a DNA test. There’s a whole variety
of physical traits that we have that are
linked to our DNA, so for instance,
if you’re a man, we can tell you if you’re
likely to go bald later in life and then a whole variety of
different physical aspects. Are you likely to have
blue eyes or brown eyes? Curly hair or straight hair? We believe that
knowledge is power and having access,
direct access, to your genetic information
is a really powerful tool in understanding your ancestry
and thinking about your health. You know, there are a
lot of different things, actions people can take
to prevent disease, but in order to do that,
you really have to have the information first
and this is a place where genetics can really help. – [Ereka] Coming up, Randy
and I get our results. Stay with us. (bubbly music) (bubbly music)
– Hey, the results are in. – No way! – Yes, check it out. – Already, that’s awesome. Hmm, who was right? – What do you mean? – I was right. – About what? – I’m pretty much
100 percent Italian. – I mean, 78 percent, right? In school, 78’s a C,
that’s barely passing. You’re barely passing
as an Italian. – [Ereka] What is
your breakdown? You’re primarily what? – French and German, and
then it’s British and Irish, and then it’s
largely Iberian, so, Spain and Portuguese, I guess. – Oh, that’s crazy. – Just a very surprising… – So cool. – One area that was
also really interesting was the genetic
health risk section because, obviously
when you go in, that’s one of the things
I went to pretty quickly. It was good to know I
don’t have the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s
or Parkinson’s. Again, not knowing my
family history that well and having some
blank spots there, it’s good to see that
it’s not something likely for me to have. – [Ereka] The wellness
reports were pretty spot on. – [Randy] They were. – The sleep one was amazing,
it said that I’m likely to move more than average. I am likely
intolerant to lactose. My favorite one was that I
have the muscle composition of an elite power athlete,
and I was bragging to you about that. – Yes, and when
that came through, I knew I was gonna
be in big trouble if I didn’t have the
exact same thing, so luckily, I had that as well. – [Ereka] So traits, there
was some good news there. – [Randy] Very
interesting stuff. – Right, likely, no early
hair loss for this gentleman. – Big relief on that one. – Carrier Status report is
really insightful as well because while these variants
may not affect our health, they may affect the
health of our children. – The reports included sickle
cell and cystic fibrosis, and a lot of others that
we had never even heard of, so it’s important
when you have kids that you know about these
things and you plan for them. – All around, it was just
a wonderful experience. – I agree, and it’s
good, not just for us, but for the kids and
it’s funny because, now my brother’s taking
it, my nephew’s taking it, like everybody’s,
they want to know. – But also, it’s
just fun because we, you know, we get a
chance to look internally but then we also understand
sort of the community around us. I’m so glad we did it. – Me too. – Yeah. – Fine. – [Ereka] For more
information on 23andMe Health and Ancestry
test, go to or just log on to

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