Hotel Xcaret Family Vacation Traveling with Kids 2020

Our family just returned from an incredible vacation at Hotel Xcaret in Mexico Join us as we explore the resort and share the highlights from our Perfect Misadventure As always if you enjoy the video we hope you like and subscribe Our journey began on an early and cold
winter morning in Denver, Colorado Where are we going? Great Wolf Lodge! Not True! How is your drink guys? As we flew over the Caribbean waters below, we quickly became excited for our adventure ahead Navigation through the airport was easy and we had no trouble finding a representative from the resort who
directed us to the provided transportation I have coffee, caramel, and tropical fruit. So delicious. Welcome. Immediately upon entry to Hotel Xcaret, we felt at home and we found the hotel staff to be extremely warm and welcoming We were impressed with the well-thought-out furnishings and fine details of the resort and adding to the hotel’s charm we later found out that many of the furnishings were created by local craftsmen and artisans The architecture was stunning with a surprise around every corner and with water features everywhere we looked this resort truly was an architectural
masterpiece Equally impressive as the hotel itself
was our garden view room in Casa Viento We found our room to be well-appointed
with modern and high quality design features What do you guys think of this room? We love it is this awesome, or what? We loved the hotel’s toiletries and found the beds to be extremely
comfortable We were also pleased to find modern technology including USB charging outlets, a Bose Smart speaker, and a flat-screen TV Do you like the hammock? Yeah How about our view, do you like our view? Our room was central to everything with numerous restaurants, a bar and a pool just steps away We loved exploring the resort The pathways and trails nearly always led us somewhere spectacular The rivers caves and other formations were breathtaking Everywhere we looked we were in awe of
the natural beauty of the property And despite the hotel being fully booked, the resort never felt crowded In fact it often felt as though we were in our own private paradise Come on! I’m coming Overall the property’s grounds were
magnificent But as we continued exploring This turned out to be just one of the many reasons we fell in love with Hotel Xcaret Daddy, can you help me get that bee? One of the biggest highlights for our family was enjoying the time was spent at the
hotel’s beach And although the beach was small, the sand was pristine and the water was warm The water was crystal clear and created perfect conditions for searching for and finding tropical fish There’s fish everywhere! Where, I don’t see any Show me Go underwater, let’s go look for them Let’s go! 1, 2, 3 The kids had a great time swimming and splashing as well as jumping in & out of the Caribbean water But more than anything else they loved the time they spent with their cousins building sandcastles Another favorite spot was the hotel river Anybody want to go to the hammock? The limestone rock formations in this area were expertly sculpted to create
incredible tunnels and carvings which were great for exploring A quick swim across the river provided
some much-needed relaxation without kids even if it was just for a few minutes One of many of the hotels centerpieces
was infinity edge pool The zero entry was perfect for children and finding empty lounge chairs was never a problem The water was cool and refreshing and
felt amazing after sitting in the hot Caribbean sun Nashy, do you want a
Shirley Temple? With Red? The bartenders here were amazing and the kids loved being able to order their own drinks the infinity-edge pool provided
spectacular views that resort and was an incredible spot to take a selfie We loved not having to carry towel cards And unlike other all-inclusive resorts we’ve been to we felt safe knowing that there were lifeguards and life jackets available at all water areas The hotel was able to fulfill our restaurant
reservation requests Allowing our entire family to be seated together for every meal We thought the numerous restaurants were fantastic and the quality of food was exceptional We especially enjoyed the Xin Gao fusion restaurant and thought the Wagyu beef was excellent Madden, how is your steak? The dining area here, and at other restaurants, was modern and well thought out Come here, Nash Come here buddy, hurry Don’t walk to the edge babe Another family favorite was a Brazilian
style steakhouse called Las Cuevas The ambiance here was unlike anywhere we’ve
ever been The tequila cart here was well stocked And the salad bar had plenty of
great options for the picky eaters in our group The protein options were
endless and we left completely full and satisfied And the kids finish the evening with a
chocolate dipped marshmallow at the fondue station We also loved the dinner
performance at Teatro del Rio The performance was very entertaining
and did a great job of keeping the kid’s attention We found the food here to be
very good and the waitstaff did an excellent job keeping our drinks full For breakfast the Bio restaurant
can’t be missed We found there was no better way to start our day than enjoying a healthy meal overlooking the lagoon We really enjoyed the fresh fruit
and vegetable options And the blue smoothie here was one of my personal favorites We loved all the restaurants throughout the resort however our go-to dining option was the Mercado When entering it felt as though you were
walking into a Mexican grocery store The buffet style options here were endless and everyone in our party was sure to find something great to eat The self-serve Bloody Mary and mimosa cart was a great touch And the bread options from the “Pan Man” were some of our family’s favorite If you were to ask our kids
“what was your favorite thing about the hotel?” they would likely tell you the
candy shop Look at all this candy guys The cotton candy tree was a top choice And on a hot day we especially enjoyed the ice cream cart Being a truly all-inclusive resort, admission to numerous parks were included with our stay One adventure that can’t be missed is the hotel’s namesake, Xcaret Park The river swim here was truly spectacular With the provided lifejackets, everyone felt safe Even our youngest swimmer had no trouble navigating the waters The river swim lasted for about 45 minutes and at 75 degrees, the water was definitely chilly However, we consider the river swim a
“must do” for anyone visiting the area Another of our family’s favorite
excursions was our visit to Xenses True to its name the park really did test all
of our senses The optical illusions throughout the park challenged our
concept of reality We found hidden gems everywhere we looked and we couldn’t wait to see what was around the next corner and the park’s playful take on everyday life was something that everyone truly enjoyed One of our favorite locations in the
park was “The Town” Here are the laws of physics and logic don’t apply They made a sign for you Next was the bird flight ride Here, we soared through the air on a zipline like roller coaster Finally, we were off to the floating rivers We found the rivers to
be a perfect end to a great day at Xenses Our final excursion of our trip was to Xplor You guys ready? Let’s go have fun, ok? Our oldest son and his cousin didn’t waste a second heading straight for the ziplines And although our youngest children were
quite brave enough to give it a try the boys had the time of their lives Lay down, lay back Guys how great is this trip? Is this
amazing? I give it 100 percent After the ziplines we were off to the
underground rafts The rafts were a perfect way to view the caves and ancient rock formations Our family of adventure seekers had a
great time at Xplor We had a furry friend come say goodbye then it was back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day There were quite a few highlights from our vacation at Hotel Xcaret We loved finding pop up stands
scattered throughout the resort The michelada stand was one of my personal
favorites and the late-night street taco stand outside of Mercado can’t be missed The musical performances throughout
the day were fantastic And our youngest didn’t miss the opportunity to show off
his dance moves Another highlight was the well-stocked
bars with plenty of top-shelf liquor options And the incredible bartenders we’re
always able to fulfill our drink requests We found a selfie stations to be a lot of fun and used them frequently at the hotel in different paks There was so many extra touches at the resort that this truly was a five-star experience Our vacation to Hotel Xcaret was
perfect in every way The pristine grounds, high quality restaurants, countless excursions and amazing hospitality helped make our visit an unforgettable experience And although we’ve just arrived back home we are already dreaming of the day we can return to the resort

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