How A DNA Test Led One Woman To Discover Her Secret Family History | Megyn Kelly TODAY

>>Reporter: WHEN SHE WAS 29, THAT IDEA BECAME A REALITY. WENDY’S MOM INVITED HER TO JOIN A THERAPY SESSION. AND IT WAS THERE, WENDY’S MOM ADMITTED TO HAVING AN AFFAIR MANY YEARS EARLIER, BEFORE WENDY WAS BORN.>>SHE DISCOVERED SHE WAS PREGNANT. AND SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHO SHE WAS PREGNANT BY. I DIDN’T SPEND A LOT OF TIME THINKING ABOUT IT BETWEEN THE TIME THAT I WAS A TEENAGER AND I WAS 29. I HAD FOUR KIDS. I WAS WORKING. I WAS BUSY.>>Reporter: WENDY SAYS IT TOOK HER TEN, FULL YEARS TO FINALLY ASK HER DAD TO TAKE A DNA TEST WITH HER. AND HE AGREED.>>I HAD A STRONG SUSPICION THAT MY DAD WASN’T MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER.>>Reporter: WHAT SHE LEARNED FROM THAT TEST WAS THE MAN SHE CALLED DAD WAS NOT, IN FACT, HER BIOLOGICAL FATHER.>>THIS PERSON NAMED BILL MILLER WAS MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER. AND I WAS THINKING, HOW WOULD I EVER FIND THIS PERSON? THERE’S THOUSANDS OF BILL MILLER MILLERS.>>Reporter: AND ANOTHER DECADE WENT BY.>>FOR SOME REASON, I DECIDED TO FINALLY DO IT.>>Reporter: WENDY TOOK A SECOND DNA TEST. THIS TIME, ON HER 49th BIRTHDAY.>>I GOT THE RESULTS BACK. RIGHT ABOVE MY PICTURE WAS A PICTURE OF A MAN. AND IT SAID, WILLIAM MILLER, FATHER, 50% MATCH. I WAS SO SHOCKED.>>Reporter: BILL MILLER WAS CURIOUS ABOUT HIS OWN ANCESTRY AND WAS IN THE SYSTEM BECAUSE HE HAD TAKEN A DNA TEST PRIOR.>>FINDING WENDY HAS BEEN THE BEST THING THAT’S HAPPENED TO ME AND THIS PART OF MY LIFE. BUT IT’S BEEN THE MOST DIFFICULT, TOO.>>Reporter: DIFFICULT BECAUSE WHAT WENDY WOULD LEARN, IS SHE AND BILL MILLER HAD VERY DIFFERENT MREEFBELIEFS.>>HE STARTED LABELING EVERYBODY. THEY WERE A JEW. THEY WERE BLACK. WOULDN’T JUST TELL ME THEIR NAME. I TRIED TO TELL HIM HOW HE TALKED WAS HURTFUL. AT THE SAME TIME, HE WAS WANTING TO HOLD MY HAND. HE WAS SO HAPPY HE MET ME.>>Reporter: WHEN ASKED IF HE IS A RACIST, BILL SAYS, NO MORE SO THAN MOST AMERICANS.>>MY ATTITUDE TOWARD THINGS IS NOT — CAN EASILY BE PUT INTO A BOX. I SEE GOODNESS AND I’M TROUBLED BY A LOT OF THINGS. IT’S NOT A BLACK AND WHITE KIND OF THING.>>Reporter: AND WEDNESDAYNDY LEARNED A MORE SURPRISING SECRET ON HER FAMILY TREE. WE’LL HAVE THAT FOR YOU IN A MOMENT, WHEN WENDY SPENCER JOINS US. * HI TED, GLAD YOU COULD JOIN US! * GIVE IT A TRY. MMM. GIVE THAT TO ME. * (LAUGHING) TED? * There’s no one I’d rather… hit the road with. No one I’d rather have dinner and a movie with. No one I’d rather lean on. Being in love is an amazing thing. Being in love with your best friend… …is everything. Ever Us One diamond for your best friend … One for your true love. For the one woman in your life who’s both. Ever Us. Available at Kay, Jared and Zales. You look amazing. And you look amazing… ly comfortable. When your V-neck looks more like a U-Neck… That’s when you know it’s half-washed. Add Downy to keep your collars from stretching. Downy and it’s done. When I walked through a snowstorm for a cigarette, that’s when I knew I had to quit. For real this time. That’s why I’m using Nicorette. Only Nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste plus intense craving relief. Every great why needs a great how. * A dog’s big life, is measured in wags. And when you feed your dog Nature’s Recipe, You fuel the wag with our premium recipes like chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin. Nature’s Recipe. Fuel the Wag. And now, I help people find discounts, like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. Any questions? -Yeah. -How do you go to the bathroom? Great. Any insurance-related questions? -Mm-hmm. -Do you have a girlfriend? Uh, I’m actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so… Where’s your belly button? [ Sighs ] I’ve got to start booking better gigs.>>>WE’RE BACK, NOW, WITH WENDY


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