How does Yuan Shao’s lineage currency work?

Yuan Shao’s faction resource is Lineage, allowing him to quickly expand his territories throughout Northern China. Lineage is used as a means of “Securing” any newly acquired settlement. Secure & Occupy will allow you to spend Lineage to increase faction support, military supplies, replenishment for garrisons, as well as for the army itself. In addition, Lineage is used as a currency to recruit court nobles rather than your hard earned copper. Lineage will decay over time, so it is important to keep a healthy relationship with other factions. This is due to the main source of Lineage coming from your coalitions and alliances that you personally initiate with other factions. The larger the pact, the more lineage you receive. Lastly, you will also attain lineage from having your faction leader lead armies on the campaign. If you get lost, press F1 to bring up a summary of Lineage. Have another question that isn’t covered in this video? Browse the other videos on Total War Academy!

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