Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and UGHHHHUHH I just woke up. I’m literally just out of bed so I probably look like shit and I sound like shit but that’s fine, (no Sean you are a cutie) because we got another thing going on. You remember, well I don’t know if you remember yet because I don’t know if it’s uploaded or not yet I did a thing with the Ancestry kit (aMaZing) You can get an Ancestry kit where you spit into a tube, you seal it up and you send it back and then they tell you your genealogy or your whatever. They tell you your ancestry. That’s what the site is called so I assume that’s what they do. They tell you where you’re from, the kind of ethnicities you are, the cultures that you’re a part of Different things like that, so I sent that away. I’ve had that done for a couple of weeks now. And they send me an email saying they got it, But it takes ages and ages for it to come back so I haven’t got that done yet. So I got another one. (Good for you) From this company called 23andMe. It was another one that I saw some people recommending that I thought would be really fun to do and this one came super quick This one came much faster. It only came in the mail today so that’s why I’m doing it now when I wake up before I have any breakfast because you’re not allowed to eat anything for like 30 minutes before you do it. Umm, and I kinda wanna just get it out of the way now because we’re gonna have to cut to something way later by the time this is done So, I don’t know which one will come quicker. I don’t know if doing this one now If I get this in like, a week or something I have no idea but I’m very very curious to find out And the thing that made me wanna do this one, is because apparently this tells you your genetic traits as well So when this one will be complete, it will tell me my propensity for smoking, addiction, Alzheimer’s, all those different types of things So that’s fascinating to me. I wanna see how prone I am to certain things like that So, a more comprehensive overview is good and plus I just wanna do them because I think they’re awesome. So, I think it’s the same deal again. *text pop up on screen* Ok, seems pretty straightforward. This one’s even fancier This one just has a cap on it Oh, close funnel, detach funnel Ahh, ok, i getcha. So this is the- It has the fluids in here, the other one had a blue fluid This one just has a clear liquid, ok Here I go spitting again Boy, that sure is delightful I won’t be able to spit now for another 20 minutes Whoa! Wait, what? Ohh! The fill line is tiny. It was like ‘spit to fill line’ The fill line starts like, here and goes up to here (you are a genius) You can’t fucking see it It’s only like ‘that’ much I thought I had to fill the whole thing, thank god (spitt) Be here all day, man It’s cause when you spit you remove all the saliva from your mouth And then when you have to do it again, it’s like, Oh, well I have no saliva now (great) Just gimme time. Grayson, Grayson *kiss* My little boy You’re gonna treat me nicely, right? His fucking hair is dying we’re there we sure are
okay in we go close this down mix with the saliva make a monster
it smells weird seal it tightly and Shake Rattle enroll I say ah shake around
a row okay I think we’re done seal the bag her DNA jeno tech biospecimen bag I
feel like I’m fucking sending this to Raccoon City or something I’m gonna
start the apocalypse okay and back into the box you go and we seal up the box
and send it away boom Jam I really like this I like the fact that everything is
just like get it spit into it close it up send it back you don’t have to pay
for anything either you just send it back and it’s already prepaid awesome
okay hopefully we get the results soon I’ll see you there
transition the results are in
can I get a drumroll please yes one at all welcome back
do you remember this of course you do because you’re watching the same video I
barely remembered this because I put in Jesus cry I did this eight weeks ago I
didn’t like two months ago i bi spat in a tube and send it away and I thought
Santa was just gonna deliver it back for Christmas but it’s finally back
it came back when I was at PAX so now we can figure out how fucked up my lineage
is so let’s get in and view this report right so the thing about 23andme as I
said before is that this gives a more comprehensive look at your health
instead of just where you came from because as you can see here ancestry
composition 98.4% British and Irish so I don’t know if we can actually break it
down to see how how Irish I am versus So they’re all Lumped in together Which Kind of Sucks Because They’re different Things but that Kind of Goes with The Other one i was like 62% irish and like 30 20 something Percent fucking moth Windows Up Because it’s warm and then You have lights on and then moths come in moths where are you from What’s your Ancestry no One Cares You’re gonna die soon So they’re gonna Goes in line with What we Knew already I’M Pretty Much from this area It’s like oh Shocker i’m White and i’m European Who knew Broadly Northwestern European Where’s that ah Scandinavia Which again to be Expected Because Vikings Scotland Ireland all That Shit Age-related Macular Degeneration a Variant detected Not Likely at Increased Risk What Does that Mean Genetic Health Risk tutorial I don’t fucking care Just Show me what it means Age-Related Macular Degeneration Amd Some of the processer stand for is the most common cause of irreversible Vision loss Among older at The disease Results in damage to the central Part of the retina at the macula impairing Vision Needed for reading Driving or even recognizing Faces This test Concludes Includes The two most common Variants associated an Increased risk of developing The Condition so is that Just like Poor eyesight or is this more serious Than That Macular Degeneration i Think it’s Just Like poorer eyesight as you Get older Which i mean i already have to wear Glasses? for Stuff in the distance Because i’ve Been Looking at computer screens too long and Fucked up my Eyes Hereditary Haemochromatosis Apparently I had something of This as well Renji hemochromatosis Genetic Condition Characterized By Absorption of Too much Dietary Iron This May Lead to iron Overload Which can cause Damage to the Joints and Certain organs such as the liver Skin Hair and Pancreas This test includes the two most common Variants Linked to? This Condition oh So i’m i’m not at Increased risk of This i Just have some of This in me As you can See it’s i have Variants of These Things detected but I’m not Likely at Increased risk Risks Right Let’s Get down into more Stuff Am i lactose intolerant no i’m likely Tolerant to lactose Which is good because It i like Dairy i like Yogurts i like Milk i like all Those Things i forget What Else is Him okay cheese i Love cheese so if i wasn’t Able to eat It That’d be Bad i’d be a smelly Ferryman I’m so let’s go and such Rated Fat and weight Likely to weigh more on a High saturated Fat diet all Shocker most of Humanity Asparagus odor Detection Likely Can Smell oh Boy Does My pee smell after asparagus i Know everybody Does well most People Currently Not Everybody Does Because It Says Why would it be a test here otherwise boy my pee smells like two hours after eating Asparagus Like Happy Everybody Have You ever Eaten Asparagus in Smelled Asparagus pee it’s fucking Nasty It’s pungent as all Hell But mine smells Really quickly so yes accurate bitter taste Likely can taste Wait What i’m Likely to taste bitter Things Need an Excuse not to eat Your broccoli Vegetables Like broccoli and Brussels Sprouts contain Certain Bitter Comp That Only some People can Detect oh I have Heard about This with Other Things i think? Cucumber is one of them Some people eat cucumber and apparently It tastes Really gross and Then others Eat It like me and it Just tastes Like Water So it doesn’t really taste like anything and i love broccoli and Brussels Sprouts Sure you were likely to taste Certain Bitter Compounds 51 Percent of customers Who are genetically Similar to you taste Certain Compounds as bitter huh i Know that means Does i mean i do taste it really Bitter The only Thing that i taste really bitter That Other People Seem to be fine with is grapefruit Whatever i eat Grapefruit it’S so fucking sour it’s like eating a Lemon to me sometimes it’s worse Actually Than eating a Lemon and Like With Gin and Tonics as Well Some People Think That They’re delicious and to me it’s Kind of like That Grapefruit ii taste That it’s Just super Bitter all of a Sudden so maybe that has something to do it maybe i Just don’t like Certain Things Sweet taste Likely Prefer Salty you Lyin Bastard Which Kinds of Snacks are you most Likely to crave Sweet or saw These preferences by Genetics i Way more Prefer Sweet Things i Mean i do like a Salty Snack Every Now and then sometimes I’M a Salty Little Boy But if It came down to it i would Way more prefer Sweet Things i blame my dad for that my dad has This Weight That has the biggest Sweet Tooth I’ve ever Seen in my life and When When sweet Tooth and Shit irish Dental care meat It creates a Cacophony of Fucked Up dentures Neanderthal Ancestry Fuhrer Neanderthal Variants Than 62% of customers Yeah Hear that Everyone there’s less Neanderthal and me Than most of you, haha I ain’t got a Big Head something had a e late Onset Alzheimer’s disease Zero Variants Detected Shawn You don’t have The e for Variant we Tested Alzheimer’s disease Characterized By Memory loss cognitive decline and Personality Changes Yeah i think we All are Familiar with Alzheimer’s horrible disease but That’s Kind of Cool Which is Weird Because i thought that That Was a Thing That Was in my family on my dad’s side Hmm Parkinson’s disease Zero Variants Detected Parkinson’s disease Is Characterized By tremor Muscle Stiffness and problems with Movement Many Factors Including Genetics Can Influence a Person’s Chances of developing Parkinson’s disease This test Concludes – Jenay – Whatever This Is also Very interesting Because My dad Was Recently Diagnosed with some Like Mild parkinson’s he has issues with like muscle tremors and Things Like That With His hand Shaking As he got in order if you don’t know my dad is in His 80s So my dad my dad’s Pretty old i have a Pretty old dad my and my Parents Got Together When They were Younger and Had me when they were much older So That’S interesting That It’s not in me Hmm That’s Very Curious But Yeah My dad Was diagnosed with It as Well so That’s why that one can You stuck Out to me i don’t know Maternal Haplogroup oh? This is Weird you Descend from a Long Line of Women That Could Be Traced back to Eastern Africa Over a Hundred and Fifty Thousand Years Ago These are the Women of Your maternal line and Your maternal Haplogroup Sheds Light on Their Story dude That’s cool It shows were they Migrated so we started off 180,000 Years Ago We Started off Down here in africa and Then as time Progressed We Weren’t Further into africa and Then we Went into the scene, ie peninsula oh? That’s awesome How accurate is this It must Be Pretty accurate right i Know There’s a Lot of Information Here and i’m not going to go through all of It you want to read some of It you can pause the video is that i’m gonna Read Through it Myself At a Later date i want to hear some of the other Things like my Health did but This Stuff is Really Fascinating What else We Got paternal Haplogroup alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Alcohol Flush Reaction Unlikely To flush What the hell is That Genetic Factors Help Explain Why some People Flush Red in the face after Drinking a small amount of Alcohol One Drink or less People Who experience flushing May also Experience Unpleasant Symptoms Like Headaches nausea and sleepiness Unlikely To flush after Drinking Alcohol ah that is the Thing Everyone i went to korea? There Was a Lot of People That Suffered from that i don’t know not to sound Insensitive or Slightly racist i don’t know iF it’s actually a Thing That asian People are more Predisposed to i have Heard That America Actually Said that to me as well because he is asian Genetics so i don’t know iF That’s Actually a Thing i’d Actually Be Very curious That’s That’s something That This Would Help With as well If you had more oh i wonder if It Actually Talks about That yeah Eastern asia 43%, oh That’s fascinating Scientists Believe That the Variant in This report first appeared in ancient China due to a Random Genetic Mutation and Spread to neighboring Regions as People Migrated it’s Very rare for People Who don’t have east asian Ancestry to carry The Variant though It Does Happen for Example some Iranian Individuals Have the Alcohol Flush Variant Possibly Because Millennia Ago traders traveling Along The silk Road Brought the variant from China to the Middle east So i wasn’t Mean Racist or insensitive it’s actually a Thing This is cool this Way i like This one Better Than Ancestry We Learned Where i learned Stuff Way Beyond Just your irish Hair Curliness Likely Straight or Wavy Well i guess we Know Which one Freckles Likely Little Freckling i Actually did Have Way more Freckles on my face here When i was Younger? But They Kinda disappeared as They Got older but i still have like Freckles all Over me? But Just Not like the Mad Freckles Like Red-Headed People Would Get finger Length Ratio Likely Ring Finger Longer That Is a Lie these are my ring Fingers Wait Longer Than What The Rest are longer Than My Index Cuz they’re definitely Longer Than My Index i color Likely Lighter Eyes Flash them Baby Blues Earwax Type Likely Wet Earwax i Guess That is true i do Have wet Earwax But i thought It was Just Because i have Headphones on a lot and i listen to? Games and Movies and Shit Like That and editing video so i Don’t know earlobe Type like Lead Attached to your lobes Hell yeah though i tried to get rid of them i Didn’T i Just Got some Pierce Cleft Chin Likely no Cleft Chin Likely no Dimples Likely no bald spot haha i Have no bald Spots Who Sleep movement Genetic factors influence How often People move Their arms and legs While They’re sleeping Well i have to Sleep first but yeah i Do do that I do move a lot in my Sleep so much so that When i wake Up the next day I’m sore Because i like i have moved into an uncomfortable Position and like Upside down When i wake up? Several Studies Have Shown That a Genetic Variant Is associated or how much People move Their arms and i i’m up here oh? Shit Lately Tim Likely To move more Than Average oh Man I’m a double-a battery in that Regard oh? God What else could influence Sleep Movement age in General older People Experience more Sleep Movements Than Younger People Hey Really Say I’m not old on average men Experience more sleeping ovince Than Women Hey What are you trying to say i Think it’s That’s true i’ll call HIm once that he consumed me two or more Alcoholic Drinks per day Was associated with more Sleep Movements What is that It Would Be less Well Maybe It’s if maybe It stacks When you drink more so i always Feel like if i’m From Tipsy or if i’ve ever Been drunk When i go to bed it’s Just i like passed out i might as well Be Dead That’s cool Shocking no one that i move a lot in my Sleep i move a lot in my wake as well Here we Have muscle composition Sprinters and endurance Athletes differ in the composition and the Capabilities of Their Muscles these differences can Be Influenced by both training decisions and Genetic Factors Shawn Your Genetic muscle composition is common in Elite Power Athletes Hey i got it in Olympics y’All fuck They Have Power athlete Muscles Shame i’m not Doing anything with them i’m Just sitting Here recording Let’s Plays all the Time Man I really Should train them more Because then It could Be fucking Power athlete Studies have Found That Almost All Elite Power Athletes including Sprinters Throwers and Jumpers Have a specific Genetic Variant in a gene Blah blah? Fuck Yeah oh This is a Good one the caffeine Consumption Shawn Based on your genetics you were likely to drink more caffeine Than Average if You drink caffeine at home I had a my Third cup of coffee Before recording This and This is not a cup this is a Bowl of coffee That’s a Good one 23andme Research Participants With Your Genetic Result Who consume caffeine regularly tend to drink the equivalent of about a quarter of a cup of coffee More Than average per day of Course not Everyone chooses to consume caffeine But for those Who do their Genetics may Play a Role in the amount they consume yeah I drink a Lot of coffee it’s no Secret Mainly Because i love the taste of It i never ever drink coffee to Wake up Because Drinking coffee Doesn’t Actually do Anything For me in that Regard the caffeine in it i might have Drank too much But It Doesn’t Perk me up and if It Does it’s a Very Indistinguishable Amount so i Just Drink It for the taste because it’s delicious How does caffeine keep you awake caffeine interferes with the Brain System The cause of sleepiness molecule Called Adenosine acts as a Signal Between oh i saw a video about that oh! It’s called Ted something Like The Ted Talks but It’s like Ted Ed or something like That the Really Good videos were tells you how caffeine works Because Normally this sleep-like Cells Go Into receptors in Your Brain That lock in and When They lock in you start Feeling Drowsy but caffeine is like The perfect size that It fits right in the slot like This Fits Right in the slot and where the sleepy Ones Would Go so when you drink It then they fill that up so you don’t Get as Drowsy anymore something That Perks you Up it Just Makes You feel less Sleepy That Kind of Thing i Actually Learned a Thing and then if you Drink too much caffeine then It ends up Overloading Your system Because Your Body starts creating more Receptors for That For Their Sleepy Things to come in so they can Overpower It again and then You have to drink more coffee to balance Out That so you end up overdosing on caffeine It’s not like It Kills You or anything caffeine is Very safe to drink but It’S it’s fun it’S interesting i like That how does caffeine enhance performance It can Feel Like caffeine Makes You smarter But some research Suggests This may be an illusion People With a Daily caffeine habit May Actually perform Worse Than Other People and Mental and Physical Tasks That is Until they Get Their Morning fix as caffeine is Cleared From The Body Overnight Daily caffeine Drinkers Start to Experience caffeine Withdrawal This leads to worse performance Until They have Their morning coffee or tea Which Reverses the wiThdrawal? Meaning Meanwhile for People Who aren’t used to consuming caffeine every day caffeine may Not improve performance much iF at All and That’s Where you Start Getting Headaches After You Stop Drinking coffee If You Drink a Lot of coffee and then You Go cold Turkey you Start Getting Headaches coz i think it has Got to do with The receptors and signals and all That Stuff it’s Just cool i’ll try and remember if i can Find out What that video is Just look up Fuck there it is how does caffeine keep us awake by Hernán Kaseem Ted-ed Yeah i was right Go Watch That video fucking Cool AnyWay I’m gonna leave This video Here There’s a Lot more in This and There’s a Lot more That i could Be reading It could Be Going Through all of These Things But i Kind of Just Honed in on the ones that i thought were interesting and Ones that i didn’t Know So there’s a Lot of Stuff Like The ball of This and They’re The e robes and That’s that I’m not gonna go in and Read every single little Thing i will in my own time but Just Not for a video Because i i don’t Feel like it’s it’s really Adding anything but i like This one This is a Good one to end on Very Cool i liked three and me a Lot more Than Ancestry not Sponsored By them or anything i Just wanted to do them Because i’m fascinated by these Dna tests and fascinated by or i come from and What i can do and i Don’t know how accurate all of This Stuff is oh my god there’s so much Shit oh sure syndrome That where i go around Just Yelling Yeah at Everything i don’t know how super accurate any of This Stuff is because i Haven’t done any research on like How they get to these results or haven’t Looked Up how their labs Work or anything like That? I’m sure i’m Just curious to see if this is like Likely Prefer Salty That Kind of One iF That’s Actually true if i Just don’t know that about Myself or something if The test Knows more Than i do i have no idea but it’s fascinating is Just Read Through It Yourself Anyway i Suggest all of You Go out there and do One of These tests if you can They’re not free so i understand if not everyone’s Gonna do It did you take a Really long time though but i don’t know iF it’s because of where i live Or Because my dna was all messed up that They were like oh we can’t fix this out but you know What i got Loyalty Got Royalty Inside My dna cocaine quarter police Got war and Peace Inside my dna Little Kendrick for You. But for now, thank you guys so much for watching this video; If you liked it PUNCH that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS! And high fives all around *High Five Once* *High Five Twice* But thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes In the next video! Keep doing what you do Jack, you’re a fucking boss and a huge inspiration! Got Power Poison pain and Joy Inside my dna i got Hustled no ambition flew Inside my dna can’t Remember


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