How Irish is Conor? | MyHeritage DNA test results

Conor you are … So I am really excited about this prospect of finding out more about my family history if it turns out that I’m just 50/50 Irish British those are my nationalities that this is gonna
be the most boring DNA test family history video on
YouTube of all time I am optimistic that we’re gonna have something a little bit
more exciting do have one great-grandfather who is mysterious in
his origins maybe he was from somewhere in Central Europe somewhere like Germany
or maybe even from further east like here in Odessa on the shores of the
Black Sea also the west coast of Ireland where I was born had a lot of trade at one
stage with Spain and Portugal further to the south and my mother in fact tans a
lot easier than someone like me I have that infamous white Irish Celtic skin
for sure my mother does tan a lot easier and maybe have some origins from
around there let’s see let’s find out and also of course Spain and Portugal were at
one stage ruled by the Moors who have come from further east and south like
North Africa and the Middle East maybe maybe there’s something from that region
as well but I have no idea there’s no evidence in any family tree of anything
else but let’s go and find out I’m super excited about it and let’s go and find
out what actually what happened when they analyzed my DNA. So I just got word that the DNA test
actually arrived here in Odessa as I’m about to pick them up really excited I’m
gonna do that swabbing stuff and then send it back to and
then gonna find out exactly what my origins are You don’t have to give any blood. Now the only thing to do is to go to the post
office and then in 4 to 6 weeks I’m going to find out my results So yeah I just sent off my DNA sample to
MyHeritage so I’m super excited to see what it comes back with I’ve gotta wait a
little while for the results of course it’s gotta leave here in Odessa, Ukraine
and go all the way over to the US to be analyzed and then I get my results back
in a short while I’m super pumped I think now we need a drumroll welcome
back I actually am still in Odessa even though it’s supposed to take four to six
weeks we’ve had an amazing Indian summer here in the south of Ukraine so I’ve
actually never left I got the email last night from MyHeritage it was a little
bit quicker than I expected so now I’m really super super excited and this
is gonna be there’s gonna be interesting basically I have in front of me the
question are you ready to explore your ethnicity I’m about to hit the let’s go
button fingers crossed so I’m just gonna hit it now and then find out what my
ethnicity is and where my ancestors are probably from Conor you are … oh well
first one is definitely not a surprise okay it’s also not a surprise No …. I did
say that it was possible I’d say it was possible yeah I think my Arabic friends
are gonna be very very interested to see to say the least so what can I say I
gotta read more into it I’m 98.8% European well with my skin colour and my
complexion and the way I look that’s obviously not a big surprise well and
8.8% English which is obviously the neighboring country which is obviously
not that dramatic and part of my family obviously lived, came from other parts
United Kingdom so but the big surprise is at one point two percent Middle
Eastern means I have an ancestry from somewhere in you know Middle East is a
big place either Syria, Lebanon, Israel Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,
Oman, Yemen Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey
are given so that’s a huge geographical area but I have one
ancestor probably since it’s 1.2 percent of my DNA that came from there
yeah if you were interested as well doing something similar of course and
got a link below in the description to MyHeritage go and check it out there free
shipping if you use my discount code there Tsar Experience so go and check it out
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soon to say goodbye and I’ll see you guys all your smiling faces enthusiastic
for Eastern Europe if you’re a regular viewer in the very next video from here
in Odessa, Ukraine. Ciao!


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