*WAPOOSH!* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye! And you ready to travel back in time..? To figure out where did Jack actually come from? What’s his ethnicity? What’s he actually up made of? Well look no further..than the ancestry DNA kit. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. But living in Ireland it took them ages to kinda.. Send stuff out, send stuff back, and all that kinda jazz. So I didn’t bother. But, now that I live here, I decided to get one. So this is a kit that you spit into a tube, I know. Delicious. And then, you send it off for analysis, and then they send you back something six to eight weeks later. It’s gonna to take forever. I’m going to be a completely different person by the time this video ends. And then- it- they send you back, like, the make-up of who you are. So I don’t know how in-depth it gets, I don’t know how far back it goes, I don’t know if it tells me who my great-great ancestors were or anything like that. All I know is that it will tell me how Irish I really am, and I’ve always said that I’m a 100% Irish because I don’t think that there’s any sort of… …diversity in my family tree. I don’t know where we actually came from, I don’t know anything like that And I’ve always been jealous of the people- used to be TV shows where you’d see people go off and find their- -Their ethnicities, and who they were related to, and there’s always people who were like, “Oh, I didn’t know that I was half Cherokee!” Kinda thing- or something like that! I don’t know, so I want to see if I actually am as Irish as I think I am, because my parents are fully Irish, my grandparents are fully Irish, for all I know is that my entire bloodline is a 100% Irish, But I’m curious to see if I have anything else in me. Maybe some British or something, I don’t know. So, I want to figure out how this works Let’s- let’s take a little readsies, here of this thing, So you get a little bag to put the tube into, you get this like sealed thing? to send away. Uhm, So I have to- I have to spit into that, okay “Fill the tube with saliva to the wavy- to the black wavy line. Fill the tube until your saliva (not including bubbles), is at or just above the wavy line. It’s easy, that’s less than a quarter of a teaspoon. Do not overfill.” Well, Yeah, a quarter of a teaspoon does not sound that much, but then you realize that it’s saliva, and your mouth dries out pretty quick. Maybe I should just keep talking, all the time. “Remove- Replace the funnel with the cap- Remove the funnel from the tube, screw on the enclosed cap tightly to release the solution that will stabilize the DNA in your saliva.” Oh, so I’m guessing I have to do this and then immediately send it off because Time is of the essence. I guess with something like this Oh, it has like a little blue solution in it! Nice, should we start spitting? Do I know you well enough for this? Do I know you well enough to start spitting into this? So I have to fill it to this- Ugh you can’t see it. I have to fill it to this teeny-tiny black line. Which is a lot. That’s a lot of fucking spit, okay here we go. *spit noises* I just realized how gross this actually is. *laughter* Get the saliva going again…. You don’t realize how quickly your mouth dries up until you have to spit into a tube in front of millions people *laughter* I think I did it! It’s hard to know because there’s so many fucking bubbles, and then the bubbles dissolve and… Okay, I think I did it right So then, remove the funnel and then I have to twist this thing on until it pops, I think? *pop* Oh yeah! Did the blue solution come out? I don’t know! “Shake the tube for at least 5 seconds. This will ensure your sample mixes thoroughly with your stabilizing solution so our lab can best process your sample.” Okay. Man, science is crazy! It’s all in there, but now it went past the black line! Because the solution filled it out- is that- is that allowed? I’m assuming that’s allowed. I did exactly what you told me to do. Right, and then we place it in the collection bag It’s in the bag! My little- My little tube is in here. And then we just- put it into this box, and then we send it off! And then I have to wait a long time you guys have the power of editing to help you just transition to the next part, but I have to wait a very long time so See on the other side.. (Music Plays) The results are in! Apparently okay, so with the magic of editing. It’s been very very quick for you guys, but for me It’s been like four weeks, so a lot of change the best, or do. I look older have I aged I think so So it’s great news your ancestry DNA results are in the moment You’ve been waiting for is here the answer is DNa results ready for Sean Mcloughlin. See my results get the most out of your ancestry DNA results review your Dna matches link your family tree now I didn’t do a family tree for the DNA for the ancestry stuff because I don’t know enough information about my family To like I’d have to go looking for I’d have to go ask my parents about certain information to go do it and I haven’t Gotten around to that. So we won’t get that far, but we can see my results. Oh thousands of Years ago Ethnicity estimate I’m 62 percent, Irish, and I’m 34 percent great Britain. Oh No! (laughs) So I’m not a hundred percent, Irish! I mean- Ah, that’s weird!- Four (4) percent o̷t̵h̶e̴r̷ ̸r̵e̶g̴i̵o̶n̶s̶?̴ The hell the rest of my family come from all oh please 4% Japan, oh that would be so cool I could live out my ninja ancestry um So, 62% Irish, so I’m majority Irish that’s something that was pretty obvious anyway, but 34 percent British View your genetic ancestry can I click into this and get more info? Whew we can 3’s and Ethnicity regions shows are your ancestors came from hundreds of years ago and to? Genetic communities shows where your ancestors probably lived in the past few hundred years oh? 62 percent Irish primarily located in Ireland wales and scotland now. This is going to be a thing I imagine for a lot of Irish people. Especially a lot of Irish people who are my age who are doing this kind of thing hundreds of years ago? I’d say the percentage of just straight irish would have been much higher but the fact that Like years and years and years and years ago the british invaded Ireland And there’s a lot of conflict and a lot that happened And that’s why we have Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland and lots of historical stuff going on there So it would make sense that the some of the the British gene pool Filtered in there, so it’s like that does not surprise me at all and England Ireland Scotland and wales We share a lot of very very similar stuff scottish people, and irish people share a lot of very similar things as well And technically northern Ireland is part of the uk So, yeah, so there’s a lot of like intricacies in there in the middle of it all so I I figured but if I figured I Was going to be a hundred percent Irish anyway Because the world is a very broad place now people are very well capable and able to travel or run the world these days so it would make sense that there’s a lot of Different nationalities and different ethnicities or filtering throughout society in humanity these days which I think is fantastic There’s a lot of diversity in the world these days What I figured if it was going to be anywhere outside of Ireland it would just be in this region I I realized there wasn’t going to be anywhere like I wasn’t going to be part. I slammed it I wasn’t going to be part scandinavian anything like that because Irish people a lot of our genes and our genetic pool comes from this area so right ok let’s click into this 3 ethnicity regions, so yeah 62% Irish and 34% great britain low confidence region the iberian Peninsula Ok what I’m part Spanish! I´m portuguese! Yes, oh! Como estás?
[How are you] That’s cool. Though. I’m fascinated by this stuff. So my my ethnicity isn’t that diverse I mean i’m 62% either, so the majority of me is Irish Which I guess was to be expected to genetic communities What does that mean genetic immunity show you’re famibly fam family… probably live in the past few hundred years.. We create these by identifying groups ancestry Dna members who are genetically connected to each other a science improved on our DNA… Database grows the communities you’ve connected to might change. Okay, so this stuff might not be completely accurate because there might not have been a lot of McLoughlin’s who shared the same genetic trait in the same gene pool and DNa sequencing whatever As me that might have done this and then other people who have done it So we don’t have a hundred percent accuracy and the people who have done this so Ulster, Irish in the late 1700s the population of ulster was growing land was scarce and rents were high money immigrated to America joining relatives in Pennsylvania and the Carolinas for any easier life as poverty and unemployment continued throughout the 1800s others left for Canada to work in construction and the lumber trade Crop failures motivated even more people to flee to cities like belfast or across the Irish sea to britain looking for food and work Thousands More Joined Established Irish communities and Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago building canals and railroads yeah, so a long Time ago our Irish people Emigrated like in vast vast quantity that’s why there’s so many people in America Who have Irish as Irish Ancestors, or you always meet everytime I go to America. I always meet people and they’re like Oh, yeah, my family’s from Ireland. They’re from cork. They’re from Galway there from dublin like where are you from like? Awfully where I lived and Westmeath and like yeah, I don’t know where that is like of course you don’t where do people keep asking so yeah that makes a lot of sense crop failures being a big thing and That’s why I always joke who’s like Whatever. I’m talking to my American friends. I’m like we built your country as Like a joke because a lot of us went to Boston.. New York Philadelphia and Chicago and built the canals and the railroads so the Irish people were great at construction We went over there, and we we worked hard And then we drank hurdle in the early 1800s London became the largest city in the world Wow! really and the industrial revolution turned the surrounding area into a landscape of factories and mills that’s crazy Overcrowded conditions along with moving incentives from the British government Motivated some English working class to immigrate to Australia New zealand Canada and America for better economic opportunities although London was hit particularly hard during the two world wars the people rallied and enjoyed a newfound peace and prosperity in coming decades I had no idea that London was one of the largest was It didn’t say it’s one of the largest says became the largest city in the world in the whole fucking world in the 1800s That’s awesome!! That kinda does it for my results there wasn’t a whole lot in it That was literally all I wanted to know was this graph. I wanted to know how much Irish I actually was I wanted to know how much british i actually was I did heavily suspect that there would be some British elements in there a lot of British people And Irish people who will do these will probably get the same results Or similar that there’s Irish and British in you because it was a lot of back and forth a long time ago So it makes sense my generation had a lot of that genetic ancestry and ethnicity in Conjunction with that, but it’s pretty cool. That’s what I wanted to know now. I did do another one. I recorded another Thing called 23 and me that was another one I found After I looked up this one because I wanted to I just wanted to do these I wanted to do these for a really long time I remember watching some TV shows of celebrities going back and getting their ancestry And I wanted to see what my ancestry was now. I would know more if I knew more about like my grandparents I know very very little about like both my granddad’s were dead when I was born One of my grandparent or one of my grandmother’s died when I was like 12 I think and then my other grandmother died a few years ago when I was in my early 20s, so I Don’t know my grandparents hugely So I don’t know like I don’t have enough information to start a family tree.. And if I did maybe then we could like join back and see where people came from but I think this is good enough But the other one that I did the 23 and me one I don’t know how long it takes for that to come so I literally posted it away yesterday as of recording this video So I could get that back in a week this one took four weeks, but I did hear the 23andme It’s faster.. But the reason I did that one was not only to try and corroborate some of this and to see if that matched But I also want to see traits so the 23 and me one will give back traits on how like my addictive genes, and how proun I am to certain diseases and Alzheimer’s and things like that, so I’m really fascinated by that I want to see you. I want to learn more about me… but also these things are not like 100% fact I don’t think Because you’d have to go and get a lot more information You’re sending away a saliva sample in the mail and it took a while for stuff to get done So there might be some errors here and there so you’d probably have to go to an actual like genetic Scientist and do it then and there like with real fresh perfect samples so I don’t know But this this is fascinating. I like this part, but for now Done it. I don’t really have more else to do in this actual video So let’s look forward to the next one and we learn more about myself when I’m done. I got this one No, this is an idea. I wanted to do for like a year and a half And I don’t know why I didn’t do it. It just took me a while, but it’s done soon I’m 34% percent British 62% percent, Irish That’s probably gonna surprise a lot of people to me personally didn’t surprise me all that much but For now.. Anyway~ Thank you guys so much watching this episode If you Liked it, PUNCH THAT LIKE Button, IN THE FACE!!!! LIKE A BOSS and And High Five all-round!!! *Whoopsh!!-Whoosh** But Thank you guys and I Will See you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!~~~~ (Outros- I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe) I wonder how many people out there now are gonna be like he’s not allowed to say top of the Mornin’ anymore. He’s 34% British like no big deal…..


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