How to add an audio recording in the FamilySearch Memories App

this is the app that I use to record family memories. It’s really awesome; it’s called memories by FamilySearch and you can find it in the Play Store. If you go ahead and click on your app once you have it installed, it opens up and you can see all of the things that have been added to my FamilySearch account whether I did it on my phone or whether I did it on the computer it syncs up really great. You can see up at the top there’s several different things that you can use it for, and I’ll go into each of these in separate videos but today I just want to talk about the record feature which is that little microphone up there. If I click on that it’ll just show me all of my recordings, but if I go down to that green circle with the plus sign in it at the bottom right hand corner and click on that, it’ll allow me to add something new. If I want to record a story that is happening I just click on the microphone and I allow it to record audio. If you don’t have a story going on in the group that you’re with or if you just want to sit down and interview somebody and you don’t have an idea of what you want to talk about, there’s lots of good suggestions right there. But for the sake of what I was doing we were in a gathering, stories were going on; I wanted to capture them so I just clicked on begin recording in the bottom right hand corner and then I go ahead and click on the start button, and it’ll start recording my memories. Now the really cool thing about this is that this does not automatically upload to FamilySearch this is for me and me only until I decide that I want to do something else with it. Now if I go into my recordings I can click on any of those and then in the upper right hand corner it allows me to decide what I want to do with it. If I do nothing it just stays in my folder for me and only me to see. If I want to attach it to somebody who’s in FamilySearch I just click on that little person with the plus sign and then it shows me all the people in my family tree and I can start typing in right and it’ll find the person that I want to attach it to. If I don’t want to attach it to somebody – let’s say I just want to share it with the people who were there with me that night. I can click on that little sideways triangle type thing that means share, and I can choose how I want to share it. I can share it through email, through texting it; if I want to go wider I can share it on my Facebook account or on my Instagram account. The options are pretty endless there and those are the great options that they have for sharing!

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