How to Add and Change a Profile Photo

In this video, we’ll review how to add and change a photo on your family tree. Adding photos to your tree will enrich the overall quality of your family’s site and help you preserve important family photos for future generations. Find the person whose picture you want to add and click on the camera icon that appears below the silhouette. You can either drag and drop a photo or upload one from your computer by clicking, “Select file”. In this case, we’ll drag and drop the photo. Resize and adjust the image until you get the frame you want. To change someone’s photo, you’ll need to have the left panel open. If it isn’t open already, click on the arrow next to the silhouette to open the panel. Check that the photo on the left panel is the one you want to change. If it isn’t, click on the card of the individual whose photo you want to change. Move your cursor over the existing photo and you’ll see a pencil icon in the bottom right corner. Clicking on the pencil icon opens a popup where you can adjust the size of the current photo or clear the existing photo. Click on “clear profile photo” to remove the photo. Now you’ll be able to drag and drop a new photo or upload one from your computer. Make sure to click “OK” to save your changes. To learn more, visit

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