How To Bulk Up & Gain Weight (Overcoming Poor Genetics, Time, And Money)

What’s good YouTube swolmates? Troy here with In this video today, I’m going to squash every single bodybuilding
objective you have. Not enough time. Not enough money. Bad genetics. Whatever excuses you
guys have in your head, we’re going to completely debunk that today. I get this so many times.
I get it on my Snapchat, my Instagram, my Facebook, the YouTube comments, it seems like
bodybuilding especially for the “skinny guy” when you start this journey of trying to put
on a lot of weight, trying to build a lot of muscle, it seems like you start that journey
with so many excuses. I want to really just dive into some fundamental concepts in this
video, talk about some things that I’ve overcome and really help you guys overcome not enough
time, not enough money, bad genetics, whatever you guys are dealing with on the surface,
I want to help you guys overcome this and make some gains. Let’s get started. The first
thing that we’re going to debunk is that you don’t have enough time to make gains in the
gym. I want you guys to understand that the President of the United States, Barack Obama,
has enough time to work out five to six times a week. Regardless of that fact, I want to
paint a little hypothetical picture. We’re going to have a fictitious character named
Stephen Salamander in this story. Stephen Salamander is quite the ambitious young man.
He is 21 years old. He is going to school to become a lawyer and he has quite the busy
extracurricular life. On top of going to school full time to be a lawyer, he also, five nights
a week, waits tables at Denny’s, serving up those delicious Grand Slams. To make matters
even worse and make his life even busier, he has two children that he conceived in high
school, little drunken party. Now on top of this, Stephen got married last year. And to
make matters even worse, Stephen has a mistress thirty minutes away that he drives and sees
twice a week. If Stephen came to me with that story, that’s his lifestyle right now. He
says, “Troy, this is my life. How in the world can I make gains.” This is what I would do
if I was Stephen to make some gains. I call it the three times per week 90-minute workout
program. It is so incredibly effective. I guarantee you nine out of ten of you guys
watching right now, if you follow this 90-minute per week regimen, you will see faster gains
than whatever the hell you guys are following right now. What I would do is 3 times per
week, whenever I have just 30 spare minutes, I would go to the gym and I would do a beast-mode
compound exercise training routine. What I would do here is I would keep a little strength
log. I actually do this in my own workouts. It’s helped me so much. Literally every single
workout I’m making gains, making progress on all my compound lifts. But that’s neither
here nor there. I want you guys to just understand this fundamental concept. You do not need
a lot of time to make gains. I would write into my little strength log I would do a workout
say Monday, Thursday, Saturday. The days don’t really matter. If you only have 30 spare minutes
on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, it happens to be 3 days in a row, that’s completely fine.
You’re obviously a very busy person if you can’t find time to go to the gym. What I would
do is I would only do 6 exercises on this routine. The first workout, what I would do
is the classic push and pull. I would do continuous overload progression and I would pyramid it.
I would do this with the barbell benchpress and I would do this with weighted pull ups.
Regular pullups, if you can’t do weighted pull ups of course. What I would do is each
single set I would try to increase my weight. I would go something along the lines of 10
reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, so I would do 4 sets per exercise. I would break it down
in the little strength log. Say I’m on the benchpress and say I do 225 pounds for 4 repetitions,
the next week when I do this workout, I’m going to see that on my strength log. I’m
going to have that drilled in my mind before I hit the benchpress again and I’m going to
make sure that I go 230 pounds for 4 reps or I’m going to 225 pounds again and now I
did 5 reps. That is what continuous overload progression is. Always making small incremental
improvements and those improvements are going to add up into some major gains. With this
workout regimen, what I love about it, is we’re only focusing on the compound list.
We’re focusing on the exercises that work the body’s largest and strongest muscle groups.
They’re going to elicit the most testosterone, the most growth hormone. They’re going to
give us that fundamental package. They’re going to give us that baseline physique that
we need to make some rapid lean muscle gains for the rest of our lives. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger
in his prime, he said that anyone working out for their first two years, he says you
should just literally do benchpress, squat, deadlift, maybe some type of row exercise
and that’s it until you guys really increase and get some good strength numbers on those
particular exercises. Then the second part is I would do some weighted pullups. Workout
number one I would do barbell benchpress, just regular flat bench and then I would do
weighted pullups. I would maybe vary it. Maybe one week I would do wide grip, one week I
would do close grip. Now, the next workout, I would hit some legs. I would do barbell
squat and same principle. We’re going to do 4 sets. We’re going to pyramid up and we’re
going to decrease our reps. I would go 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps and each set
I would increase the weight by about 10 to 20%. I would hit my squats really hard. Then
this day I would throw in maybe another leg exercise so I would do some dumbbell lunges,
maybe some leg press maybe some stiffed-leg deadlift. Whatever you guys want to do, those
are some ideas. Workout number three what we would do is we would start off with the
barbell deadlift. We would do 4 sets. Same thing, continuous overload progression, pyramiding
up 10, 8, 6, 4 and then I would end my workout week with some good old dumbbell one arm rows,
so awesome pull exercise, getting my shoulders in there, my arms, my back. Awesome compound
movement. I would just focus on those 6 exercises. Throughout the course of the entire week,
I’m only doing 24 total sets. I’m doing 8 sets per workout. We have each workout with
2 compound exercises, 4 sets per specific exercise. You can get that entire workout
done in a mere 90 minutes per week. If you don’t have 90 free minutes to workout during
the week, I don’t know what to tell you. You clearly are super busy and if you only have
90 minutes free the entire week, I don’t know why you’re on YouTube watching my videos,
so turn off YouTube and get back to work. That is my advice on how you can make gains
if you don’t have enough time. The next thing I want to talk about is bad genetics. I get
this one so often especially from you naturally skinny guys. Let me paint this picture like
this, if you have both of your arms, both of your legs, half a brain and 7 or 8 of your
toes and fingers, you don’t have bad genetics motherfucker, you got excuses. There’s no
such thing as having bad genetics. Anyone can build muscle mass. This is a proven thing.
This has been proven with science. All you have to do is enter a calorie surplus, so
a naturally skinny guy it might be a little bit more difficult, but you can clearly consume
a calorie surplus. You can eat some peanut butter, eat more canned tuna, drink more protein
shakes and in combination with that, you’re going to focus on increasing the strength
of your major lifts. If you focus on eating a calorie surplus, increasing your lift every
single workout by 5 – 10 pounds, there is no way you’re not going to be able to gain
weight and gain muscle mass. I just want to talk about this a little more because I know
this is something that I struggled with a lot when I was a kid. I grew up and I was
a basketball player. I was definitely not the most athletic kid in my high school. Played
a little bit in college and the thing that always drove me crazy is some people, they
could just jump so incredibly high. I wanted more than anything in the world to be able
to dunk a basketball and jump high. I had terrible genetics for jumping. There are some
guys who are just blessed who can jump 40 – 45 inches. My dad probably has about a 5
inch vertical leap. He probably could not jump over this notebook right here. I have
absolutely terrible genetics for jumping and that drove me to work my ass off on my vertical
leap. I’m proud to say I can now dunk a basketball as you can see in this clip right here. I
can jump on a platform about 50 inches high. I get so much pride and pleasure knowing I
overcame that obstacle and that I persevered through “bad jumping genetics.” If you want
anything bad enough, you can definitely overcome it and you’re going to appreciate it so much
more. For instance, who do you think appreciates being rich more, Kylie Jenner, who was born
into fame and fortune, will never have to work an honest day in her life. Photo shoots
and sponsorships, getting paid seven figures is not working, or the guy from the movie
The Pursuit of Happiness, which is actually a true story. Someone who overcame poverty
and having a son and having no money, all these different things. Who do you think is
going to appreciate financial freedom more. The whole point is, if you have bad genetics
for gaining weight and building muscle mass, don’t feel sorry for yourself, just realize
that you’re going to have a lot more positive emotions and you’re going to feel so good
about your accomplishments knowing that you overcame those obstacles, you got through
those barriers and you persevered anyway. I know just in my specific example, I’m also
a supernaturally skinny guy, so I was at one time 120 – 130 pounds. I’m now pretty close
to 200 pounds. I obviously do fitness and muscle building videos. I overcame that obstacle
and then just overcoming my verticle leap obstacle, I’m so much happier. I have so many
more positive emotions in relation to those things than if they came super easy to me.
No such thing as bad genetics. Persevere. Work hard. Just focus on what you need to
do and you guys will have some amazing success. The third tip is not enough money. This is
a really common one especially with younger dudes under the age of 18. The first thing
is people think that a bodybuilding diet is really expensive. We actually shot a huge
video on this, which we’ll link to at the end, Bodybuilding Foods on a Budget. Shot
it about a year and a half ago. There are some really cheap body building foods. You
can get an entire bag of lentils, which has like 100 grams of protein and I think 180
– 200 grams of carbohydrates for about $1.50. You can get a giant bag of rice or potatoes
for a few dollars. Whey protein and chicken breast and ground turkey are less than a dollar
per 30 grams of protein. There are some really good bodybuilding foods on a budget. You don’t
necessarily need a gym membership to pack on a lot of muscle mass. You can do pushups.
You can do wall sits. you can do isometric training, which is kind of like tensing and
flexing and holding a muscle. You can a buy a weight set off Craigslist. I have a friend
who bought a 50 pound kettlebell off of Craigslist for $20. Look on Craigslist. Find some discount
equipment. If you can’t afford a gym membership, the initiation fee at your gym all that good
stuff. I just want to end this with one of my favorite quotes of all time. Make your
mess your message. Whatever it is in your life that’s holding you back, just overcome
it and make it your message. Overcome it and look to inspire people who are going through
that same problem in the future. This was one of my favorite stories I have ever heard
in my life. There is this homeless guy in New York City. He is an extremely clever young
man. He actually is a pickup artist and he picks up a girl every single day on the streets
of New York City and manipulates them into staying at their house and they even cook
him breakfast and dinner sometimes. This guy is homeless and he has persevered through
that obstacle. He has learned to be really good with women. He picks up women on the
streets of New York City. He actually spends the night at their place, at their apartment,
at their house, wherever the hell they live in New York City. He made his mess his message.
Look to do the same in your life. Whatever obstacle that you currently face for bodybuilding,
for whatever goals you have, just find some creativity, find excitement into overcoming
that and you guys are going to have some amazing success. Hope you guys enjoyed this video.
Hopefully I have debunked every single excuse you have on not enough time, not enough money,
whatever it may be holding you back from your bodybuilding goals.


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