How to Connect and Disconnect Individuals in Your Family Tree

In this video, we’ll review how to connect and disconnect individuals in your family tree. As you conduct your research, you may discover new information about the relationships between people in your family tree, and you’ll want to update your family tree based on this new information. You may discover that you need to connect two people in your family tree. For example, you might have thought Sara’s parents are Rita and Harold, but then you learn her parents are actually Shelly and Michael. You’ll want to make sure to connect her to the right parents in the family tree. Select the person you’d like to connect, which opens the profile panel on the left. Click on the three dots. Now select, “Connect to existing person” from the drop down. You can connect a person to a child, partner or parent. If they already have parents listed in the family tree, you’ll first need to disconnect that relationship. Click on the three dots and select “Remove connection.” You’ll see a pop up confirming the relationship that you want to remove. Click “OK” to disconnect the relationship. You’ll notice it looks like the person is “floating” — that’s because they’ve been disconnected from their parents. To connect this person to the right parents, click on the “More” button with the 3 dots. Select “Connect to existing person.” You’ll see a pop up asking what type of connection you want to add. Select “Connect to a parent.” Type in the name of a parent or select it from the drop-down and click, “OK.” You’ll now see that the person is connected to the correct parents in the family tree. To learn more, visit

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