How to create a multi-level list in Word 2016

Applying a multi-level list to your paper
will bring your content into concise subsets of information. This is an example of how
a multi-level list may appear in a thesis. In this example the numbering reflects the
chapter, then the sub-sections that follow. To set up a multi-level list, from the Home
tab, select the multi-level list icon, located in the Paragraph panel. Select ‘Define New
Multi-level List’ and open the dialogue box by selecting the More button. There are
four headings, or levels, in this document. I’ll start with level 1. The levels on the
left correspond to the built-in headings, so level 1 will link to Heading 1. In this
document Heading 1 is used as a main title and is un-numbered, so I’ll delete any text
in the ‘Enter formatting for number’ box and ensure (none) is selected in the ‘Number
style for this level’ field. Next I’ll format level 2. I’ll link it to Heading 2,
which in this example is the heading used for the chapters. I’ll delete the text in
the Enter formatting for number box and type in the word ‘Chapter’ and leave a space.
Next I’ll choose the type of number style I want for the chapters, which will be regular
numbering in this case. For this tutorial I’ll demonstrate 3 levels
to correspond to 3 headings, but the same steps apply no matter how many heading levels
you have in your paper. I’ll select level 3 and link it to Heading 3. Again, I’ll
delete any text in the Enter formatting for number box. Because I want the numbering in
this document to reflect the chapter number first, then the subsection number, I’ll
select Level 2 from ‘Include level number from’ field. Remember Level 2 is the Chapter
heading in this example. Next I’ll select the number style for level 3, which will again
be regular numbering. I’ll select OK to complete this list. Look in the Navigation
Pane to check the numbering is formatted correctly. If you need to make changes to the multi-level
list, go back into the ‘Define new multi-level list’ option and make the necessary changes.

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