How to download Genome Mate Pro

Hey guys, I’m Karoline from
and in this video I’m going to show you how to download genome mate pro. Um, you can search
genome mate in google it’s my first search result. And the website is
I’m just going to scroll on down to where it has the download options. You can download
the genome mate pro or the original genome mate. I’m running a windows 10 computer so
I’m going to download the windows option. They have a facebook page that is really helpful.
And if you can, go ahead and donate. This is a really useful and free program. Once
your download is complete, go ahead and click on it. Double click. There you go. That should
get it started. Now my computer had a little pop-up Here it is. Just click more info and
it’ll give you the option to run anyway. And now the setup is starting. License agreement
is really simple short sweet and to the point. In my experience, I didn’t find any kind of
adware or any kind of junk along with it. It’s just genome mate pro. You can see it’s
a really quick installation and quick setup. Boom. Now we do have to save, I believe this
is the database. Just go ahead and click save. Now the program should open up. Here we go.
That’s it. Thanks for watching. Again, I’m Karoline from Thanks
for watching and make sure to subscribe below.

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