How to Get a Copy of a Death Certificate

How to Get a Copy of a Death Certificate. Whether you need a death certificate to trace
your family history or to make a legal claim, follow these steps to get the record you need. You will need Information about the deceased
and internet or library access (optional). Step 1. Identify the state in which the person died,
and contact the vital records or vital statistics department for that state. Find contact information for the state’s vital
records department through an internet search or at your local library. Step 2. Find out the person’s full name, sex, and
date and place of death. Step 3. Determine whether you need a certified copy
of the certificate. Most states allow access to uncertified records,
but restrict who can get certified copies. Get a certified copy if you need the death
certificate for legal purposes or insurance claims. Step 4. Contact the state vital records department
to learn about any fees or additional requirements for getting a copy of the death certificate. Step 5. Send the necessary information along with
any fees to the state vital records department. Include your full name, address, phone number,
and any other information they require. Step 6. Receive a copy of the death certificate by
mail. Delivery time will vary by state. Did you know In 2007, a Chicago man created
a fake death certificate and faxed it to his cell phone provider to try to avoid paying
a fee for ending his contract.


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