How to lease EDC to Masternode with Leased POS – E-DinarCoin Masternode Setup without VPS – (Urdu)

In the name of Allah the most gracious and merciful
May peace and blessings be upon all of you. The mining algorithm of E-Dinarcoin has been changed as you all are aware of that. Before we had DPOS – Delegate proof of Stake Due to this we had got to open our PC for 24 hours with stable internet connection Now all these bothersome is gone for ever. Now they have introduced Mastenodes. To setup MN we have to send our coins for leasing to the company Members were confused due to this new algorithm. So I made this small video for the solution to the problem. So just stay attuned with me. I humbly request to subscribe my new channel to support me and share the video so that we could help other members And you will also get my new problem resolving videos in time. Here i will show you How to setup masternode or send coins on leasing for 150000 E-Dinarcoins For this, Click the lease on left In the center you can see your available balance, click lease button Enter the amount of E-Dinarcoin for leasing 3 types of packages you can see.
3 months, 6 months & 12 months Select your package 3, 6 or 12 months to lease EDC for Masternode 8% per month for 3 months package 10% for 6 months package & 12% per month for 12 months package If you calculate for daily earning 0.27% is daily reward in 3 months package 0.33 daily reward in 6 months package And 0.4% daily reward in 12 months package Now you can see, i clicked & it is moving round & round It means Ecrofund website is down or some technical maintenance is going on. etc Open new tab in browser enter and try to login there or sign up If you can easily login or sign up means site is ok otherwise down And we won’t be able to setup masternode here you can see i tried to login And it is giving me error message. It means site is down due to technical maintenance Not possible to lease coins now We have to wait then we will try later Now we try again after few minutes Click the lease, input 150000 Select the package for 12 months Click lease and see, in a jiffy you got the form to register in Now you can stay here and register with Ecrofund There is an another way too you can go to and register directly from there but at the time of verification or link EDC wallet You have got to send 1 EDC to ecro-fund account from you EDC wallet, so that both will be linked together but you have do it separately there on then you will come here in wallet and lease coins separately So it is better to do all from here, leasing and creating account in ecrofund. So fill your name or username keep a strong password It is up to you, you can keep both username and password same which you kept in E-Dinarcoin wallet Here you can see the partner account it automatically detect the higher partner or sponsor name because this ‘zahidhameed’ edinarcoin wallet was created through ‘edc-muneera’ so it has auto detected its sponsor name And 2nd thing to remember The higher partner or sponsor’s account was already registered in ecrofund site So it is easily accepting here in the form And when you process, it will register you under him in ecrofund If you are giving your sponsor name manually some how, it is not registering you or not detecting sponsor or saying user or member not found It means your sponsor or higher partner is not yet registered in Ecrofund site. Unless your higher partner is register, you won’t be able to register yourself Either you have to change your sponsor or tell your sponsor to register first in So that with your sponsor name you will be able to register yourself In it is necessary to register your account and your edc wallet should be linked otherwise You won’t be able to lease EDC to masternode. The purpose of linking your EDC wallet with ecrofund is that If you have a team or downline & you want to get your referral bonus So you will have to create an account in ecrofund because you will see your genealogy view of your downline from level 1 to level 10 and you can check their investment & members and how much profit or reward you are getting from them Those who don’t have team or leasing alone without team there is no need to create account in only Lease your own coins to set up masternode So you can skip there in this form you can see both ‘register’ and ‘skip’ If you click skip, the registration form will be skipped It won’t ask you this to create an account in ecrofund Later it will ask you to confirm lease only You just click confirm to lease EDC for 12 months to Masternode That’s it your masternode or leasing coins are confirmed ‘Transaction confirmed’
Close it And now you can see your leased coins 360 days, reverse counter is running Here you will get your daily reward also in ‘profit’ tab you can see it. Now we may go to to see The new account is reflecting here or not appearing We will login here with same detail which we gave in the registration form earlier Our account is created & referral link is generated It is fresh, no referrals now No downline at all As soon as they make referrals they will be appeared here below You may go to profile and enter your surname and real name Click save your profile KYC or verification process is not enabled yet I hope you liked this video and resolved your issues Take care of yourself, Thanks for watching. Allah Hafiz

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