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Hello there, I’m Judy. And I’m John. And we’re here to talk about podcasts and how you can listen to Ancestry’s new podcast, It’s About Time. Now, just hold on. Let me stop you there. What actually is a podcast? Sounds like something you send off into space. It’s actually very simple. A podcast is basically a radio program, that you get on the internet and can listen to whenever you want to, at your leisure. No space travel required. Suitable for all ages and all technological capabilities. Even me? It’s that simple, even you. So, if I wanted to listen to a podcast, how do I go about it? You know, it’s so easy. But there are two options. First off, you can listen to a podcast on a website. It’s About Time has it’s own website. You can access the website on your computer, your tablet, or even your smartphone. Once you get there, click on the episode you want to listen to and you’ll see a little play button in the corner. Simply click that and start listening. That’s easy. I could definitely do that. Now the second option is you can download the podcast and then it automatically saves it to your smartphone, ipad or computer and you can listen to it whenever you want even if you’re not on the internet. That’s very clever. So I could listen to it when I was driving, or on the tube or the train, or even in a tunnel. Yes, even in a tunnel. One of the best ways to download a podcast is an app. On your computer you can subscribe through the iTunes player. There’s a computer program that is easy to download and gives you access to a world of podcasts, including It’s About Time. There’s even a button on the It’s About Time webpage that will bring you straight to iTunes. Right. iTunes. Click the button. Got it. If you have an iPhone or iPad, simply go to the App store and download the Podcast app. And then in the podcast app, you can search for It’s About Time and hit subscribe. Then the podcast episodes will download automatically for you to listen to. If you have an Android phone, you can get an app called Stitcher. Search for It’s About Time and click the plus sign to add to your Favourites list. That sounds very easy. I think I’ll subscribe to the It’s About Time podcast so every episode is downloaded on to my tablet or my phone. See? It’s easy, even for you. Hey!

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