How to remove people from the wrong family on FamilySearch

have you ever come across an individual
and FamilySearch and thought they don’t belong at this family and wondered what
you do about it but today’s your lucky day we’re gonna talk about that next howdy
I’m Devon Noel Lee and this is family history fanatics where we hope to
educate you on how to climb your family tree further faster and have a whole lot
more fun along the way today we’re gonna talk about what do you do when you think
kind of a relative is in the wrong family the first thing you need to do is
come with up with a case you can’t just take people out of families willy-nilly
without a solid reason now we have a series called research over my shoulder
and this is the last video that we’re going to do on Winfield Underwood’s
family in this case Winfield might have a brother
honey might not so when we go through each of his siblings you’re going to
notice a trend the siblings were born in Kentucky and most specifically they’re
usually born in Taylor County Kentucky the other thing you’re going to notice
is almost all of them migrated West they went to Texas but when you come to this
one General Thomas Underwood he doesn’t go west unless he came back but the
question is is general in the wrong family now general has sources and these
are great sources but they don’t help me know for sure if he’s with the wrong
family so what I’m going to do is click on the family search quick link to go to
search for records about general when I come to the records results page the
first result I see is for a bill and a mahalia or mahalia not exactly sure how
to say that woman’s first name but it’s not Hiram Underwood
and Nancy Gaddy it’s somebody completely different well you might say okay just
keep scrolling Navy hyerim and Nancy will show up a little bit later
well I’m scrolling and I’m scrolling and I’m not seeing Hiram and Nancy
associated with General Thomas or any Thomas for that matter I do consistently
see a william and i’m mahalia or other individuals entirely in this cursory
look I’m pretty confident that we have general in the wrong family kind of fast
forward a little bit I’ve done a lot of research on Winfield Underwood’s family
and I’ve never come across a General Thomas I have come across a General
Logan now could you have two children named general with their middle names
being different certainly but I don’t think that’s the case in genealogy you
have to realize that anyone can make mistakes but considering the evidence we
have at this time and the fact that this is a quick video on YouTube what do you
do to get General Thomas out of Hyrum and Nancy’s family well you need to bake
break their relationship you can’t break the relationship on the
left side where he is with his wife and his children you have to break the old
relationship over here on the right where he is a son of Hyrum and Nancy
Underwood so click on this edit link once you’re there you can click on this
link here and then it will ask you are you sure you want to do this and make
sure you click the right relationship that you’re trying to break and once
again it will ask you because this is family search for a reason why you are
making this change be sure to fill it out you need to remind yourself and tell
others why you don’t think General Thomas belongs in Hyrum and Nancy’s
family once you click the final blue button you will be taken to
profile that looks like this and now General Thomas has no parents but there
is strong case being made that he does and it’s time for you to go do research
which is beyond the scope of this video it really is simple to break
relationships but should you yes if you can make a case that an individual is
connected to the wrong family if you can’t in you’re still a little
doubtful then jus more research and show you’re certain and if you don’t know
even after doing additional research let things go and leave a discussion
question of hey I don’t think this is right what does anybody else you know
but you know what the best thing about a collaborative trees such as family
search if you make a mistake it can be undone and we’ll save that for a future
video if you need it if you think you might want that video you definitely
need to drop me a line in the comments and say be sure to tell me how did you
that so I’m definitely this is family history fanatics in the next episode of
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