How to Share AncestryDNA Test Results (Why Share DNA Test Results)

Hey today we’re going to talk about how
and why you should share your ancestry DNA test results with someone else. We’re
gonna jump into that in just a moment but if this is your first time here my
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we’re going to get into it right now okay welcome back we’re gonna jump into
it right now as to why you’re sharing your DNA test results this is at
ancestry specifically so the how and the why how to share those test results and
why you should so it might be that you have been asked to take a test from the
family genealogist perhaps you are not the family genealogist but someone else
in your family has asked you to take a DNA test and now you have to share those
results so how do you do that I’m gonna explain how you do that here in just a
moment and well it might be that you want to share those test results with
your children or your descendants let’s face it we are going to pass away
someday we’re not going to live forever and so somebody really should take over
the management of that DNA test for future use maybe you want someone else
just to manage your test results okay or maybe you need help understanding the
test results and so you’re sharing those test results with somebody else to help
you decipher exactly what you’re looking at
perhaps you’re collaborating with another genealogist maybe you are both
sharing your DNA test results with each other so that you can further your
ancestry also maybe you have been hot you’ve hired a professional genealogist
such as myself and you need to share those test results with somebody so that
they can help you understand it but please don’t share those test results
with professionals unless you’ve actually hired them
okay so there’s three levels of sharing on ancestry and their different levels
of permissions that you’re going to give them and so the first one is the viewer
level which is the lowest level there is the collaborator level and we’re going
to get into all of the details about each one of these here in just a moment
and then there is the manager level and that is somebody who has full rights
such as you all right so here is a document from ancestry that shows all
the different permission levels and I realize that this is probably a little
hard for you to see so we’re gonna zoom in on a couple of these and go through
them and we’re gonna start out first with the viewer permissions and so with
the viewer permissions you have the right you’re giving the person who you
are sharing your DNA results with you are giving them the right to view your
DNA matches your cousin matches to view the ethnicity estimates to view the
genetic communities to view notes about the DNA matches DNA circles is no longer
they need to update their their document here but DNA circles went away about a
month ago they can view removed DNA matches and when they are talking about
remove DNA matches I actually had to go look this up because I didn’t know what
they were talking about it appears that you can hide DNA matches and then
reinstate them so if you’re trying to I don’t I don’t know why you would do this
because you have the ability to filter out certain groups of people but the
viewer the person you’re giving viewer permission to has the right to look at
those removed DNA matches and then of course they have the right to view the
through lines as well and by the way if you’re not familiar with what through
lines is I’ve done several episodes on through lines and I will leave links in
the show notes and a flag at the but at the top there for you to learn a little
bit more about ancestry if you wish okay moving on to the permissions you are
giving to a collaborator so not only do they have all of the things that we’ve
just talked about but if you’re giving somebody collaborator level permissions
they also can see this is where I’m at right here linked test results to family
trees they can edit the DNA matches they can add and edit DNA match notes they
can edit test participant details they can change
Nyssa t display preferences they can create custom match groups which may be
pretty powerful because we like the groups that’s the filtering I was
referring to and they can add matches to custom match groups now it just depends
on your preferences as to how much permission you want to give so basically
when we’re getting into the collaborator level they’re no longer just viewing
your test results but they have some ability to edit preferences and such in
your account there alright moving on to the manager level and so this is the
manager level is basically giving somebody absolute authority to do
anything with those DNA test results and so that includes let me go on to the
next slide because I realize this is hard to see so what I’ve done is I’ve
truncated so they’ve had all of the viewer permissions all of the
collaborator permissions and now they have these additional permissions that I
have here they can invite others to access the results they can assign and
change account roles they can permanently delete the DNA test results
they can download the raw DNA data which is by the way very important for those
of us who are working on helping solve problems in if your help if you need
somebody to help you solve some problems downloading the DNA data you can either
do it yourself or you can give this permanent person manager permission to
download the DNA data and send and respond to messages from the test owners
account so basically that that other person that you’re giving permissions to
can actually respond to messages on your behalf ok so here is the whole list
again and I’ve also created a document that has this in it so we’ll talk about
that here in a minute but this has all of the permissions listed on one
convenient pay again as a reminder DNA circles has gone
away and is still on this list so that is that is the slideshow for a moment
that is that the why and and a little bit about the details about what you’re
giving when you’re doing that so now we’re going to jump into what exactly or
how it is that you’re going to do this how you’re going to share him so we’re
gonna jump over to the website here okay so we’re over here on the website
and this is a pretty simple process what you do is you go to DNA go to your your
DNA results summary okay so you’re going to click on settings and once you’re
there you’re going to scroll almost all the way down to the area here where it
says DNA ethnicity and match matches access and so what you’re going to do
here is you’re going to click on add a person and you’re going to type in the
email address of the person that you want to share with and you type that in
and you also want to click this down arrow and you want to you want to
determine which level of permission you’re going to give them now if you’ve
forgotten what that is and you want a refresher on what that is you can come
back up here and click this roll details and it gives you that same document that
I was showing you before and so it helps you to remember exactly what permissions
are what your permissions your giving as a viewer a collaborator or a manager
okay and so all you do then is hit send invitation and away it goes
okay well it’s really that simple so here are my recommendations share your
results so that they can be managed after we pass away that’s probably
something that none of us really think about and quite frankly it’s important
because somebody should be managing those results after we’re gone only
share his manager writes with someone you
trust and that is very important because if you give manager rights that gives
them total control over those DNA results including access to your account
information so once we pass away only those met with manager rights can manage
the test kit so for example if if you pass away and you’ve not set those
manager rights it’s going to take a lot for ancestry to hand those over so it
will take your will you can write it in to your will or a court order for
ancestry to be able to release those rights to the DNA results so it that’s
if you don’t share it as a manager so if you share it at any other level
contributor or as a viewer it will take a court order or a or you have written
it into your will that a descendant or your children or somebody has the rights
to those DNA results and you can’t make this make this assignment in your will
only give permissions that are you’re comfortable with so don’t don’t be
giving out manager rights or contributor rights if you’re not comfortable with
that do what’s comfortable for you right now and you can always make assignments
later or change your permissions later as well if you’re concerned about what
will happen with your DNA results I suggest that you set those permissions
now and don’t wait do it now before you forget alright so for more information i
have step by step instructions that you can find at genealogy TV org and i will
put that up on the website over there and well there’s links in the show notes
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the links in the show notes below and well it’s time for you to go find your
ancestors and set the permissions on your DNA results okay until next time
keep on climbing your family tree


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