How to Start Researching Occupations | Ancestry

So how do you start researching occupations? As with all family history research start with what you know, start with yourself and your older relatives. Photographs are also really important, they can give a vital clue as to the occupation. Somebody wearing a uniform, scruffy overalls or a suit. Then you can move on to records. Our census records from 1841 cover occupations of people all over the country, you can then track their careers as it changed over the next ten years. Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates are also interesting you will be able to find out the occupation of the people recorded as well as the parents. As a final step, it is worth looking at our specialist collections that detail certain professions. We have got detailed lists of pilots, policemen, doctors and much more. Maybe you will discover your ancestors had one of the most well respected professions in Britain. Plus we have got some new interesting collections coming out so look out for our upcoming videos.

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