How to Take a Family Tree DNA Test (2009 version)

Title: How to Take a Family Tree DNA Test This content not approved by
or endorsed by Family Tree DNA.
Copyright 2009 by Brad Larkin Hello this is Brad Larkin and I am going
to show you how to do your DNA test from Family Tree DNA.
First thing to know is what to assemble. You have your kit that you received in the mail. A pair of scissors is a nice way to open it. Have a towel or napkin standing by. When you open the kit, the brown paper envelope will be your return envelope. It has padding in it so you will
want to retain that. Pull your kit out It is going to have two or three of the swabs (or brushes). These are what you’re going to use to swab the inside of your cheek to get your
DNA cells. It’s going to have an Informed Consent release form which is also a sign-up sheet. The release form, we will cover here shortly. So note that there are printed
instructions in the kit.
[Your version may be different than the one pictured.] Along with a letter from Family Tree DNA laboratory. Swabbing Section of Video To open a swab package, what you are going to do is take one of the swab package and identify the brush end. It has a sort of plastic bristles. The other end is a pull tab. [Your package may not have the thin line]. At the thin end without the bristles, peel back a corner like this and open it up Be sure that when you grab it, grab the fat section, not the push tab. Be sure to tear the paper all the way
down past the brush so that it doesn’t accidentally tear the brush head off Open your mouth, insert the swab and
scrape the inside of your cheek with the rough end of brush. Again do not
scrape the gum or your teeth. Scrape your cheek. [After scrapping for the amount of time the instructions or your mentor indicate]
Open your sample container vial. Insert the brush into the vial. Be sure not to contaminate the
brush by touching to anything else. When you’ve got the brush head inside the vial, push the release pole like that. You should see the brush end came off into the vial. That’s what we want. Just set that [plunger pole] to the side. Screw the cap back on the vial [Firmly]. Put the vial bag in the bag to be sent back to the lab. Repeat that process for the other swabs in your kit Again, put the brush into the vial. Then depress the plunger. This action will cause the brush head to release into the vial. That way you get the brush head off without having to touch it. [Paperwork Section of Video] Ok, let’s do the paperwork. First thing is
if you’ve got one, fill out your order form. Note at the top of the form, the Test
Kit Number from the lab. That’s how your results
are going to be known at the laboratory. The Test Kit Number will be at the bottom of the bar code on your individual test vials as well as on this label here on the bag. It will also be on your release form
which is your next piece of paper. On your release form in the top left, write your name. Sign your signature indicating that you are taking this test in an informed way and that no one is holding your arm and twisting it [to obtain a sample]. [Mail Section of Video] Now you’ve done all your paperwork, you have swabbed your cheek with all the swab brushes and it’s time to pack it up and mail it
back to the lab. First thing is we’re going to fold up the consent form put it in the plastic bag. Place our test vials inside. Fold up our Order Form, if we’ve got one. As I close the bag, I am going to try to squeeze the air out of the plastic bag so that it will fold flat. Then seal the plastic bag. Put it into the brown bio-mailer envelope. Close the top.
Remove the adhesive seal tape cover [if present]. Seal it up.
[If shipping international also affix customs form for family history hobby kit] Put a appropriate postage stamp on it [if one is not already present]. Then mail it off to Family Tree DNA laboratory.


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