How to Use Embellishments in Scrapbooking : How to Add Stamps to Scrapbooks

Hi, this is Stephanie and I am going to talk
about adding stamps and ink to your pages. Stamps are great because you can use the stamps
in so many different ways just by changing the color. Using stamps are really easy. You
just get a nice ink pad and just kind of rub it a little bit; you don’t really want to
smack it, you just want to rub it and you will see that you get enough ink on your stamp.
You want to push down firmly, but not too hard because it will pick up all the other
edges, just kind of press it down and you got a stamped image. Another thing that you
can do you can for example cut that out and add it to your page. Inking is great too because
you just take your ink pad and rub it along the sides of it and you see it adds dimension
right away. Just kinds of lifts it up and just keep kind of rubbing if you want more
ink on it, you just keep rubbing it on. It doesn’t matter, it is suppose to look messy,
I guess is the word for it. You can see on this page, you know I inked the edges all
along my scrapbook page, I tore this paper and did just use a scrap pad, that way just
inked right down it. You can see I used ink a lot on this page. I used a background stamp
right there and I used some little triangle stamps there. You can see you can stamp on
top of another pattern and still make it look neat. This is distress sort of page and so
stamps really add that. Stamps don’t have to be perfect, they are really forgiving in
that way and I also inked the edges of all these little embellishments and it just made
them pop out. Stamps are a really good way to get a lot of bank for your buck because
you can use them over and over in so many different ways.

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