How to Use Google Reverse Image Search to Fact Check Images

So they say a picture’s
worth a thousand words, but when you’re searching
for an image online, how do you know that every one
of those words is true? We’re going to show
you a simple trick, you can do it with Google,
and it’s called a reverse-image search. Okay, so there are a couple of
different ways you can do this. The first one is to go to And you can go over there. This looks like a
normal Google search page, but we have the
Google Images icon, and you’ll see
the little camera, search by image icon,
right here. That’s key. Now, one of the first ways,
or one of the first of the few options we’ll show you today to
do this is a drag and drop. So let’s say you have
an image saved on your desktop, here it is. I’m just going to drag it right
over here into the search bar, it will upload the file,
and I get a whole list of hits where that image is in the page. And so I can then go
and investigate all of these different sources where
that image shows up. One of the second options you
can do is to click the little search by image icon and
you can paste a URL in there. And let’s say I found
a URL where this image I want to search is,
and then I can paste it in there and search. Once again, I will get
a big list of hits of different sites
where this image shows up. Let’s talk about a
third way that is even a little bit easier to do,
and this is probably the simplest way,
and one that I highly recommend. Only if you’re using Chrome,
though. Let’s say you’re on a webpage
and you find an image and you want to know more about
that image, you can right click, or control click on the image,
and then scroll down here to “Search Google for Image,”
and automatically a new tab will open up in
your Chrome browser, giving you the same results. So, the last step you want to
do, and the most important one, is probably to ask some critical
questions about the results that you just found. You want to ask questions like
on what kinds of websites does this image show up? Are there any clues about where
the image originated? Has the image been
altered in any way, any place that you’ve seen it? And that’s just the tip
of the iceberg. For more information about
asking critical questions with the reverse-image search,
or just about fact checking in general, head on over to


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