How to Use Google Translate App for Genealogy – App Review

Welcome back to another episode on
Genealogy TV. Today I am doing another “App For That” segment this is a little
review of the Google Translate app. If you don’t have it on your phone you
should, especially if you’re doing records if you’re looking in the
archives for records from overseas. Now I’m going to demonstrate this on a
website but obviously Google has Translate on a website this would be
great for documents though that if you’re on location somewhere and you
need to translate something you can do so with this app. So this is really cool.
Okay so here’s the Google Translate app I’m gonna click on it and I have already
pre-loaded it with Danish to English because I have Danish ancestry and so I
go to the Danish websites a lot. Now I have set this website to be in Danish as
it was originally as it was originally set so I will show you this this is so
cool. So… we’ve got Danish to English already set. All you have to do is click
on the camera and now we have a camera. And so all we have to do… check this out
we’re gonna align this over and it starts to translate as you hover over it.
Is that not the coolest check that out. Now is it perfect? No, but it certainly
gives you an idea of of what… Sometimes you have to hold real still or move
around a little bit to get it to translate but you can certainly do this
probably easier with documents than I can demonstrate it on a website… but this
is the Danish archives. Let’s go up here oh look Danish demographic database see?
Isn’t that cool? Welcome to DDD. Alright so there
you have it the Google Translate app for your cellphone.
It’s a must-have if you have done research where you’ve jumped the pond
and you are on location. Love it, love it, love it. Gotta have it. you

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