How to Use Smart Matches™

In this video, we’ll explain what Smart Matches™ are and how they are a valuable resource that can help enrich your family history research. When a Smart Match™ is found, you’ll see a green icon on the top of a person’s card in your family tree. We’ll also send you an email letting you know when we find new Smart Matches™. Click on the icon to see the details of the individual in another person’s tree. Here’s your tree and here are the new details that can be added from this match. Sometimes the details of a match will appear with a different spelling or in another language. This is because Smart Matching™ can even identify similar names and common misspellings. This is the owner of the family tree, and this is how you can contact them. Click on the “Review match” button to display more details about the individual and see what information can be gained from this match. You’ll see a side-by-side view with the information in your family tree on the left and the information from the other user’s family tree on the right. This tree comparison section at the bottom of the page compares the other user’s family tree to yours with a top-bottom view. To add information from this match to your tree, you’ll first need to confirm the match. A pop-up message will appear telling you that the match is confirmed. Click “OK” to close the pop-up window. Let’s say you confirm a match and then realize that the person isn’t actually a match. You can click “undue confirm” to unconfirm the match. If this match is incorrect and it’s not the same person, you can reject it. Now let’s go back to what you can do once you’ve confirmed a match. Once a match is confirmed, you can click “extract info manually” if you want to review each piece of information more carefully before adding it to your tree. Once you click the “extract” link, you’ll again see a side-by-side view. We recommend that you carefully review each new piece of information to decide which details you want to carry over and save to your family tree. Using these arrows that appear between the columns, choose which information you want to extract. You can hand-pick the details or you can click on these double arrows to add the new information to your tree. You can add new people to your tree based on this match. By clicking on the plus icon, all of the information for that individual will be added to your tree. As always, make sure to click the orange, “save to tree” button so that the information is saved to your family tree. To receive and review your Smart Matches™, you’ll need a Premium, PremiumPlus or Complete subscription. To learn more, visit

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