How to use Trove: Creating and using lists

Hello, I’m from the Trove Support team and I’m going to talk about the Lists feature in Trove. Lists allow you to collect together items on a similar theme or topic Items on your family history, research project, or for your book club would all make terrific lists. You can make them private, so only you can see them, or public, so everyone can see them. If you choose to make your lists public, then the list itself becomes a resource in Trove. Other users can use your list to help them find and get relevant items. You can view what Trove users have created so far by clicking the ‘Lists’ tab. To narrow down your results, type in a search term and click ‘Search’. As an example I’ll look for Lists created for book clubs, by typing “book club” into the search box. Then click the title to view their collections of items. To create a list of your own in Trove you will need to be logged in. I’m interested in books on Parliament House. This book looks like it is related to my topic. To add ‘Expressing Australia : art in Parliament House’ to my list, I just need to click ‘Lists’, in the ‘User activity’ box, then click ‘Add to list’. You can see all my previous lists here. I want to start a new list about Australian Government, so I enter the title Enter a short description Make the list public so everyone can see it And then click ‘Add to list’ The list name now appears here, indicating that this book is in my list. I can also find and add further items to the list. I’ll now search for some pictures of Parliament House to add to my Australian Government list. All I need to do is follow the same process as before: click ‘Lists’ in the User activity box, click ‘Add to list’ and then click in the box next to my Australian Government list. I can see all my lists by clicking ‘View User Profile’ Then choosing the ‘Lists’ tab Here is my new list. The items I added are all included. I can change the order by using these small up and down arrows. I can also remove items from the list by clicking ‘Item options’, ‘Remove item’ and then ‘Yes, remove item’. I know that the website for the Museum of Australian Democracy also has great information that I’d like to include in my list. I can do this by clicking ‘Add a webpage to list’. I need to type the URL Title And a short description Then I need to click Save. The website is now another resource in my list. This was just a short overview of the Lists feature in Trove. Many users have already created their own lists – why not add your own!

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