How To Write A Book In Google Docs – The Basics Of Formatting A Manuscript

So if you want to learn how to connect with
readers and sell more books. Make sure to subscribe and get new content
to your inbox every Tuesday. But in this video, I’ll be sharing the basics
to writing a book in Google Docs. These tips will help new writers who have
a desire to write a book but don’t know how to begin. So I’ve done a previous video on formatting
a book in MS Word and I’ll link that for those of you who missed it. But I wanted to provide another option for
those of you who may not have access to MS Word and are looking for a good free alternative. Now to be clear this video will focus on how to
format a manuscript. Once your manuscript is completed, you’ll
share your formatted manuscript with your writing coach, beta readers, editors, and
for those of you who seek to traditionally publish, you will share your manuscript with
your agent and then later a publishing company. So… here’s why I like Google Docs for
new writers. First of all, it’s entirely online! Which means that you can be anywhere with
Internet access and have the ability to update your manuscript. It also saves your manuscript automatically… Now if you’ve ever lost your manuscript and didn’t have a backup, then you’ll understand
why this is such a huge huge bonus! So now let’s get into how to format your
book in Google Docs. Now of course I’m going to be sharing the
basics…the things you need to know in order to get started. Let’s start with the page setup. Click file, then page setup and just confirm that
there is a one inch margin on the top, bottom, left and right. This should be set as the default for a page
size of 8.5×11 but I just want you to confirm it first. Next is the font. So the most common font for formatting a manuscript
is Times New Roman. You can also use Arial and Courier New. But for the sake of this video, we’re going
to select Times New Roman. The font size should be 12. Again, we’re trying to make it as easy as
possible for the person reviewing the document. Now on to the title page. On the very first line you’re going to include
your first and last name. You’re going to tab over to the right and
type word count. Now this is important because your writing
coach, editor and formatter will provide you a quote based off this word count. An agent also needs to know your word count
to determine whether your manuscript falls within the word count of the genre you write. So to determine your word count, you want
to go to the Tools menu and then select word count. On the next line you’re going to include your
address and on the very next line you’re going to include your city, state, and zip code. Then on the next line add your email address. Now when you’re including your email address,
make sure that it’s an email that you check regularly. This is going to be the email that you’re
going to share with your editor, writing coach, an agent or publishing company. Drop down to the middle of the page and you’re
going to put the title of your manuscript in all capital letters. Then you’re going to drop down two lines and
type ‘By’ and then your author name. This is your title page. Go to insert, break, page break. Once your title page is complete you’ll want to insert a page break. This ensures that your next page starts on a new page. We’re going to click insert, header and page number. Choose header and then enter your name and the title of your manuscript
on the left and the page number on the right. Go to insert, header and page number, page number, and then choose the second option on the top right. Next we’re going to go to format, line spacing,
and then choose double. So that’s the basics for how to format
your document and write a book in Google Docs. If you want to write a book that helps
you to connect with readers and sell more books! Make sure to subscribe! But in the meantime check out my video How To Write A Book In Word, if you’re looking for an alternative to Google Docs. As always all of my social media links will
be in the description box below. If youre looking to hire me as your writing
coach, you will find that information there as well. And I look forward to talking with you in
my next video.


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