HQO: Census Search

There are three search options for the
Census collection in HeritageQuest Online:
Basic, Advanced, and Find by Page Number. We will begin with Basic Search. The Basic Search page displays four fields:
Surname, Given Name, Census Year, and
State. Enter as much information as you know into
any combination of these four fields. Note that wildcards, truncation, and Boolean
operators are not supported in Census
Search. The Advanced Search page offers six
additional fields for greater specificity in your
search. Browse lists are available for County,
Location, and Birthplace. Click “Browse” to locate the appropriate
name. Enter at least the first three letters of the
name and click “Jump” to find it in the list. Locate the correct identifier and click the radio
button next to it. Then click “OK” to add it to your Advanced
Search page. Remember that Age, Sex, Race, and
Birthplace were not included on the Census
prior to 1850. If you have a citation for a Census page , use
“Find by Page Number.” Enter any combination of the Series, Roll, and
Page fields to locate the page in question. Thank you for reviewing the Census Search
Options. For more information, go to:

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