Human Tries Dog DNA Test

[Music] alright guys so I recently sent my dog’s DNA to a dog DNA science place where they figured out what DNA my dog has and I wanted to see how legit this dog DNA place was so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna swab my DNA I’m gonna send it to the dog center and I’m gonna see if I have dog DNA I’m getting like half poodle with this hair let’s see if I’m a dog [Music] all right so what I need to do now I need to swap my mouth and then send away my DNA my DNA on there so in a couple weeks or months I’ll know if I’m a duck so I just realized before I send the package I have to create a little dog profile for myself so if they know what dog they’re getting DNA from so what do you call your dog cutie booty cutie buddy honey spell booty with a teen identity right cutie booty okay you’re gonna think it’s so weird that their destiny cuz now whenever I get the DNA back all the emails are gonna die cutie booties DNA is now updated so it’s cute booty male or female this cutie booty male tell us something fun or unique about cutie bleep a lot of people think cutie booty is different but cutie booty doesn’t care because cutie booty is huge booty so I still have a couple characters left I only used 110 out of 500 so I’m going to write one more sentence human booty is so [Music] cute it’s cutie blue you already neutered or expect it to be neutered this Judy booty not neutered right I’m not neutered that’s it profiles may cutie booty let’s do this baby let’s figure out what kind of dog I am alright so it has been a month and I just got an email the DNA results are in I’m about to open up the email and see what kind of dog I am this is all I’ve been thinking about this whole time I haven’t been able to focus on anything except for the fact that I might be half dog or 10% poodle or 5% Labrador we’re 72% husky or a hundred percent a caboodle or 4% Yorkie or less 8.5% I could get any of those things and I’m gonna figure that out right now damn it damn it fine DNA tests are a real thing they’re accurate dog DNA tests aren’t a scam it said the saliva wasn’t able to be processed something went wrong what went wrong is that I gave him human DNA damn it I guess what I should do is do some research and give you some sort of information as to why the results came out the way they did and why this video turned out pretty boring and I’m not a dog so let me see yeah I couldn’t figure out how the DNA stuff works I spend a couple hours researching I have no idea so what I’m gonna do is actually I’m gonna call someone from the company to get specific answers as to how the process works thanks so much for jumping on this call I just just got the results back and it said that I have zero dog in me that they actually couldn’t analyze my DNA so I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about how the DNA is tested and why my DNA didn’t match up with any dogs so the DNA tested with what we call a microarray so it’s this chip and we put DNA on the chip and we put dog DNA on the chin yeah the thing about DNA is that it’s a double strand says you have one strand if you get a matching strand it sticks together so if you put dog DNA on our dog chip it’s gonna match what we’ve put on it and it’s gonna tell us what version of different alleles across the genome your dog has if you look human DNA on it it’s not gonna match anything on the chip it just washes right through and then we’re like oh we didn’t get any dog DNA your tests fail humans have no the DNA is just completely different than dog DNA pretty much so if you look at you know the genes that are coded in the human genome versus the dog genome they’re about 90% the same of course if you look at the individual letters making up the genomes they’re only gonna be about 70% the same and when we’re designing our probes we’re looking at dozens and dozens of letters in a row so even though some of them are the same in fact most of them are the same there’s enough differences it just doesn’t match up do you think they’re in any there’s any plausible chance that a human DNA would ever just accidentally stick or match like or is it a pretty foolproof system it’s a pretty foolproof system so there’s 200,000 plus markers on our array it’s it’s possible maybe it’s the highly conserved region you get 10 or 20 of them that do match up with a with the human and a human test would make a result there we’re still gonna fail that sample right we want our samples to be to have over 99% of the chip or training results we’re not going to we’re not gonna pass a sample that only has 1% or less returning results mm-hmm that makes sense amazing well thank you for clarifying with me that I’m not at a dog I guess I’m fully human of a hundred percent human so thank you for confirming that and for didn’t confirm that you’re human we just confirmed you’re not dog [Music]


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