Huntington: Stronger Together

The thing about bike wheels is the spokes
can meet the center of the wheel in all different ways. The type of construct that most bikes
use is a tangential spoke system, where the spokes hit the hub from many different directions
at the same time. And what that does is it creates more torque for the wheel, it gets
the bike going faster. The way that I think about Huntington is similar
in that all of the people that work here kind of meet in the middle from different points
of view. And that’s valued here, that difference. Inclusion is kind of how we make diversity
work within our organization. If you want to be very effective in the market,
you want your company to look like the market. At Huntington we value what other people think,
and we value the different views that they bring to the table.
At Huntington your opinions and your values are welcome.
It does not matter where you are from and what you do, but as long as you bring something
to the table, there’s always somebody who is willing to listen.
At Huntington everybody knows that it’s OK to share your ideas and share your thoughts.
That, to me, is empowerment for employees, and Huntington gives me that.
There are so many areas where you can really stand out and show leadership.
I’m part of an affinity group within the organization that supports military families. So that’s
a passion for me. I have a special needs daughter. Talking to
a few of our colleagues that have disabilities, drove more passion to make changes within
Huntington. Great ideas come from every corner of the
company. It makes me feel like if I can make a change
at Huntington, maybe other companies will follow and my daughter will have a chance
as she gets older. For the first time in my career, and just
in the last few years, I felt like I could bring my entire person to work and I didn’t
really have to hide who I am. Not one of us is alike and that’s what makes
us perfect as a team. That difference of perspective leads to a
much stronger organization. An organization that moves faster because it includes more
perspective. An organization that better serves all the different perspectives out in the
world because we incorporate them first.

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