HVCC Opens Gene Haas Center for Advanced Manufacturing Skills

We’re at the Gene F. Haas Center for Advanced Manufacturing up here in Troy, New
York, and standing in front of the Mastercam lab. We’re incredibly proud to be sponsors of this lab and to be partnering
with such an incredible facility that’s pushing out the workforce of tomorrow. Workforce development is such an important initiative and it’s addressing the skills gap that
is affecting not just us, but everybody here in the United States and worldwide. We had a lot of choices of where we wanted to go with the CAD
and CAM and based on our experience we wanted to stay and go with Mastercam. We find that most of our customers
around here are Mastercam manufacturing firms. Mastercam has always been committed to education and ensuring that we’re partnering
with people that are addressing the workforce of our next generation. We have about 20 partners here, and Mastercam is one of our most important ones. This is an incredibly important thing for us to be a part of. And we’re so happy to be here.

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