I Found Out My Dad’s Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 1

so I wanted to do a DNA test just to find out more about my ancestry I was interested in the science behind it all little did I know he was gonna completely change my world hi I’m Sam I’m 22 last year for the holidays I decided to get my family DNA test so I called my mom to tell her that I was gonna get them I asked if she wanted one too when Sam said that she had decided to get everyone DNA kits I immediately texted her father and said we need to talk to them right away we really never thought there was going to be a need to tell the kids because there just didn’t seem to be a good reason for us to even consider telling them again 25 years ago we started to hear more and more about people who find out really interesting things from DNA test so then we got we all four of us got them for the holidays I expected to find out that we were probably from Russia Poland Hungary and Ireland but before we received the results we had to have a big family meeting and we did not know what that was going to be about her father and I had agreed that we wanted to make sure we had an opportunity to tell them first before they found out in a more surprising and disturbing manner we always knew that this information was going to be extremely shocking for the kids we just could not find the right time to do it and then we had to find the right time to do it in the year 2017 I didn’t understand what needed to be in person and why we couldn’t just Skype about it we thought someone was dying we used to say we would only tell the kids if there was a medical emergency in hindsight that would have been horrible for someone to be stressed with a medical emergency and then you say oh by the way your dad’s not your dad the day that we told the kids went as well as we could have expected after 21 years I just learned that my father was not my genetic biological father which just threw me for a loop just based on how similar we are I started just thinking about nature versus nurture when he and my mom were trying to have kids they learned they had a low sperm count and they couldn’t get pregnant my doctor said listen I’d recommend that you go the donor route you know what’s important is that you have a child so we went and we got a bunch of faxes from the lab we found a profile because my ex-husband is 100% Irish as far as we know it did say that the donor was German Irish and German was the first word used when the kids told me that they were going to do a DNA test I was concerned that they were gonna see a lot of German genealogy and I thought oh my god how are we going to explain that I really thought that the results of that DNA test would show to the kids that there was a problem yep we just knew we looked more Eastern European Jewish than Irish Catholic and so that was never in question maybe my brother got his straight hair or something from my dad but never thought twice about it if we never told the kids and then they found out they would have thought I had a long-term affair with someone but wow we have the same biological father but it’s not ours mom must have been doing something but back to the story with my son I think that I got pregnant on the second try and then the medical practice they just said hey if you want we can just save the leftover sperm if you ever want it for any other you know pregnancy and I said sure okay and then when my son was about a year old we said we would love to give our son a sibling we have some leftover sperm on ice why don’t we thought we just want a beautiful child we want a sibling and it seemed to have worked well the first time immediately my brother and I were both like okay like well you’re still our dad that doesn’t change anything I had the mentality that I was not gonna not figure out who it was I’ve got brunch I remember my daughter said I want to find out who the donor is and my son said I don’t want to know who the donor is you can do whatever you want I was not going to die without figuring out who the genetic father was when I was awaiting my result I was thinking what’s the other genetic half of me my mom say that she had the donor profile in the safety deposit box it was very brief and his message for the parents just said be a good parent said he was Irish and German and said he liked to swim ski and play tennis I grew up playing tennis and swimming and I ski and snowboard said that he liked to travel I thought that sounded oddly familiar I have a snow globe collection for everywhere that I’ve traveled I’ve seen here there’s over 120 of them I did a tour through Europe studied abroad in Australia into Israel Indonesia so well travelled definitely after reading interest looking at nature versus nurture but I was kind of like oh that’s it like okay so the big distinguishing characteristic on his profile was the ages of his siblings that was a huge clue in my mind because he had a lot of siblings that are around his age he was probably 26 or 27 or something at the time and then he had this three-year-old sister so this is all I had to work with but I was gonna find him I knew I was gonna find him fast forward about a few weeks I finally got my DNA results from 23andme and there was no genetic father match it was just my mom and my brother who were on there I thought that maybe when we did the first 23andme that he might have you know presented himself I thought that it would be someone who may or may not want to be contacted by their biological children does this person even want to meet someone that was created through a sperm donation because they needed some money to pay for some classes yeah but there was one second to third cousin and so I started to message her you know I was looking for this family of five kids two older brothers three younger sisters she responded and she started to send me some family trees and I just started scrolling through these massive family trees and it was just a massive Catholic family where everyone had like ten kids so these were like 200 page documents looking for this set of five siblings there was no luck there so I also contacted the sperm bank they couldn’t reveal his identity obviously but they could tell me that there a total of eight pregnancies from this donor I’ve potentially six or more half siblings genetic half siblings I’m hoping to you know eventually find as many of them as I can I kind of hit this dead end and then I knew that ancestry DNA had a bigger database of DNA relatives so I ordered the ancestry DNA test got the results and once again no match for the genetic father so then I kind of just dropped it for awhile I was about to go graduate from college and then start my first real job and it kind of got put on the back burner but then a new second cousin popped up and she said that she would ask her family if they knew anything in reality she did know who it was but she wanted to check first she then messages her mom the donors sister this is the sister then calls her brother the donor and he picks up the phone in the operating room at the time she tells him that there’s this genetic offspring or out this genetic kid trying to find him he was like okay cool yeah give her my number so fast forward to the beginning of July I just moved to Florida for my first job and I’m sitting on my mattress on the floor because my bed has not arrived yet and I’m scrolling through furniture but then an email pops up from that second cousin I open up the email and I read it and it has his name his email his phone number and that he’s open to talking so yeah so the second cousin said that he lived in New York City and he had he was not married and he had no kids so immediately I’m thinking my brother in his fiance live in New York City oh my god my brother could be walking by him every day and have no idea I think the first thing I did was google him just typed in his name because I’m thinking okay now I have the name I can figure out what he looks like so I google him dr. Brian mailing an orthopedic trauma surgeon dr. Brian mailing is a world renowned orthopaedic trauma surgeon and I start reading about him and all of his medical work founder and chief medical officer of Blue Horizon international I’m gonna tell you a little today about our groundbreaking work in the stem cell arena turns out he’s a very Google herbal person hi my name is Brian mailing as you might as well be honest from the get-go because sooner or later technology’s gonna catch up with you [Music]

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