I Found Out My Dad’s Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 2

this is part two of the story of me discovering my biological father if you want to see part one click here I kind of pointed out hi my name is vine mailing I’m an orthopedic surgeon in the New York metropolitan area I do a lot of trauma surgery sports medicines things like that I also started a stem-cell company with my friend Eddie so when I was at Ohio State I used to wait tables and things like that so I decided to go ahead and look into being a sperm donor so they would pay you you know every time you went over and donated and then I went on to medical school and I moved to Dayton and I just kind of lost track of it never told anyone when I was donating you know so didn’t really think about it all that much a couple years ago I saw the movie about where he donates sperm and he ends up with all these kids you are the biological father of 533 children what that made me kind of think I’d be interesting to know if I ever fathered any kids and then also I have this stem-cell business and I was interested to see if maybe there might be some of the sperm left in their freezer because I could give me some information about whether my genetic makeup has changed from doing all these stem cell treatments and then all of a sudden I found out for my sister that one of the kids apparently who I had fathered through the sperm bank they both matched up through ancestry DNA her parents use sperm from the sperm bank you know my sperm basically to have their two kids so I was just checking my phone and between my surgeries and my sister had texted me and she wanted to tell me something really important I said yeah go ahead and release my information I open up the email and I read it and it has his name his email his phone number and that he’s open to talking I’m kind of just freaking out a bit and the first thing I can think is just to call my brother at the time he didn’t want to know anything he just want to know health details and that was it then I craft this email yeah at the time I wasn’t thinking about what to call it I was more so even just thinking what till I put in the subject line how is this conversation gonna go like hi Bryan thanks for your sperm like I was just like hey I gave a little bit of background on me and and then I gave him my contact information so what my friends were like no don’t meet them they’re gonna want you to bail them out from whatever financial crisis that they’re in I said you know I really need to know you know I how could I just not know who these people were so then he reads the email and he responds very quickly it was actually on the treadmill at the gym this was also the day before my 22nd birthday I’m opening like four text messages in a row I had an email he sounds super excited wants to get in contact which is great I sent him a picture of me and my brother and he sent some pictures of him he said that I could Google him but I already had yeah so then we set up a call for later in the day it was kind of just like hey what’s up I could put a face and a voice to the missing entity but yeah we had a good conversation he told me about why he donated sperm in college it was to pay for medical school so that makes sense to be perfectly honest at the time I just did it because I you know needed you know money looks like it was a good investment because he’s very successful now he thought the whole thing was cool he told his whole family and they’re all excited none of them knew that he had donated sperm and then he said he wanted to meet me and my brother and my parents I was gonna be in Connecticut for a work event the following week if you’re in New York I can easily just take the train and we can meet I said well hey why don’t we all get together for dinner and so we all met up at Capitol Club at the time my brother still not wanted to be involved in anything he was still mad at me that I told him that he met Brian the donor lived in New York City anyway he eventually decides to come to dinner I walked right in I saw him and then I turned right around and I regrouped and then turned around to get in they go in said hi I don’t know he walk into a restaurant and you’re like that’s your genetic 1/2 in front of you I don’t know it’s surreal I think once we all started kind of talking and getting to know each other everyone kind of felt a lot more relaxed kind of just got to know him he got to know us they kind of thought maybe I might be married with a bunch of kids or something they didn’t really of course no we talked a lot about his career he has this whole side business um with stem cells he talked a little bit about his family I could see some resemblance so well Samantha really looks like one of my sisters we seem to have a lot of the same kind of interests and things like that our finger 5th finger goes off to the side a little bit so I guess mine does a little bit as well and just had a really fun dinner and then we’re like oh we’ll have to you know meet up again soon and that type of thing so we kind of leave dinner thinking now what you know we didn’t really know where this was gonna go it all happened very very quickly most people don’t find that out in a day and then talk to the person that same day and then meet them in the next week for a while you know you look in the mirror differently not knowing what the other genetic half of you is you start to even told one thing your whole life and now you look in the mirror and you’re like well yep where does my mouth come from or you know fit certain physical features that you didn’t question before that now you’re like well I don’t know what the other genetic half is now when I look in the mirror I can you know complete the picture of what makes me me I think that every kid has a right to know where they come from so I guess the message is you might as well be honest from the get-go because sooner or later technology’s gonna catch up with you at the time we had not told our parents that we found out who it was that we talked with him and that we met him or anything we were kind of gonna sort it out ourselves first see where it goes and then tell our parents once we were ready so my mom knew that I had been searching for the donor she actually did text me any luck with your donor search and I said no at the time even though I had yes there was luck and I met him you know they waited 21 and a half years so I figured you know a month would be fine the whole thing was funny because turns out Brian had gotten my brother and fiancee take it to the US Open so kind of like a last minute type thing they were just getting back from London ninth couple extra tickets yes who else is gonna be at least okay my mom [Music]

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