I Got This $1000 Shoe FREE (Shoe Trading Tips)

I’m gonna show you guys how I got this $1,000 sneaker for free. That’s right I trade it up and I ended up getting the shoe for free Welcome back to the channel. What’s up with you guys? My name is DJ and if you didn’t know this is the DNA show today Obviously, we’re gonna get right into the topic because everybody wants to know how did you get $1,000 shoe for free? Let’s go ahead and dive into it. Let’s break down the process and let’s start from beginning to end and go from there So two of the shoes, I no longer have anymore because I got rid of them to get this shoe so we’re gonna pop up pictures as I tell the story, but basically I had the LeBron a Christmas edition and there was a lot of hype around those shoes in that time You had the katys you had the LeBrons you had the Kobe’s and all of them were hitting for a good price Well as you guys also remember in that time in that era the South Beach LeBron eight came out and it was kind of sitting for a bit and then it started to shoot up in price Well, I caught it right before it started to shoot up in price. So I had that Christmas LeBron eight That was a hot thing need to have shoe. It came out at Nike town. I waited out I camped out I got one of each and every shoe from the package that came out in the Christmas Nike basketball pack My homie ends up hitting me up a couple weeks later and he’s like yo, I got these South Beach LeBrons I ended up picking them up from the employee store I don’t really want him but I really want those Christmas LeBron eight special So I ended up making the trade with him the South Beach LeBron eight started to skyrocket in price. I was out at college I never knew they were still sitting here back in Portland And I was just sitting on the gym when I got back home It was like that best day ever I had taken the 160 dollars that I have purchased the Christmas version for and that was a trade for the LeBron eight So now I had spent 160 dollars on the LeBron a write because I did a straight across trade then I took that LeBron eight and I seen that the Price was going up next thing You know the shoes hitting for close to a thousand dollars and it wasn’t in my size It was actually a size too small and I couldn’t fit the shoe at all So I was like the best thing I can do is use this sneaker for trade bait to then go out and buy or trade Another shoe to get something that I want in my size So shoe that I had highly coveted Always wanted was a black laser for I had already just picked up the white laser for and I wanted to complete the pack with the black laser for yet These were all so hard to get in this shoe now. And this day for dead stock price is gonna go for around $1,000 at the time. This was back in 2010. I think maybe close to 2011 They were going forward close to 600 bucks. And I was like that’s lower than the price of my LeBron eights yet The LeBron eight. Don’t fit me and I really want this shoe so I hit up the guy and he was like, yeah, I got these for sale out there worn once and I’m like Okay. Look I’ll give you South Beach LeBron eight and you give me these in two hundred bucks and the dudes like You know what? Actually I can make that deal so he cuz he really wanted those South beaches and I’m like This is perfect This is perfect because I had spent only a hundred and sixty bucks and then I got two hundred dollars in cash Plus this sneaker so I ended up getting this shoe for free and Profiting $40 in the long run now gears go by and the sneakers worth almost a thousand dollars It is worn I wear it often I wouldn’t say often but I do wear this shoe at least a couple times a year the shoe came out in 2005 So it’s a little bit older. I gotta make sure that I take care of it and I do wear it Make sure that the mid soles are right and everything is not cracking or crumbling but I do rock the shoe as you can see From the little bit of chipping on the paint You’re probably gonna see me wearing these at another sneaker event sometime this year. The yellowing on the toe is actually great There’s none really at all I’m so happy about how great of a condition that I have kept these in over the years back on topic This is basically how I did it. I traded one shoe for another then I trade it down I guess you would say plus cash and ended up getting the shoes that I really really wanted and made $40 in the total at the end of the day with this story is and why I wanted to tell you guys this story is Show you that this is possible. You can do it. You gotta find the right trades You gotta find the right people. It might take some time It took me about a little over a year just to make all that come together and make it happen But now lookit from then to now over the past what eight years since I’ve had this shoe I still have the shoe that I want. It’s still worth a lot of money And I got it for free So if I were to sell this sneaker one day look how much money I’d be able to profit six seven eight hundred bucks Depending on who I sell it to that’s just kind of the things that I think about I personally probably plan on never selling this sneaker because I really really love this shoe But if you’re looking at the long haul for flipping cakes and all those different things This is just another mindset and I kind of want to open you guys minds up to the trading process and kind of tell you some of the stories behind some of my shoes on how I trade it for them how I got them because a lot of people Think that all you got to cash out and do all these things to get a lot of shoes and in real Actuality, you don’t need a cash out you don’t have to do all those things and make it some trades and and all I got this for that and Doing those things So open your mind open your thoughts and think about what you got what you can get and what it’s worth and how you can Trade it for this and what you can try it up and if you clean the shoe How much more will it be worth after you clean it? Think about all those factors try to make those trades try to make those deals after you see this video Please drop a comment on future videos Let me know when you made that trade when you made that do because I want to see you guys flourish I want to see your collections grow because I’m telling you right now. I was a high school kid My parents wasn’t paying for none of my shoes I had to earn every single thing that I have in this collection I had to work hard for all this stuff just like everybody else So if you think that oh, yeah, you got all these shoes. It don’t work like that I had to work hard just like you guys and I want to tell you guys how I did it how I messed up the things that I did good so you guys can learn and learn from my mistakes learn from my failures learn from my successes so that Way you guys can be successful, too So if you guys got anything from this video, please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button Share this video to a friend that might need some help as well on working out a trade or different things like that And if you got any ideas or any other trades that you were trying to do drop a comment in the comment section you might be able to find somebody in the comment section that will be willing to make a trade for you and do stuff like That because I’m telling you you never know who’s looking for what unless you put it out there on the internet and let people see Because I guarantee you somebody else is watching this video and right now might be willing to make a trade with you So open up drop a comment say what’s up to each other? I hope this was helpful, and I want to see you guys grow your collections as well I know I’ve been talking so much about this because I really want to see you guys learn which are shoe collections go out there and Blake’s have a bunch of Get all the things cop all the cribs that you want drive the cars that you want We’re gonna talk about that. We gonna make it happen each and every day you and me. Come on, let’s get

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